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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 16/07/19


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Festival season is well underway. Whether you've found a new addiction in the muddy fields or are still waiting for something to blow you away, maybe one of the following releases will open a new door.

Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies 


Pizzagirl - Body Biology

Pizzagirl's first glimpse into his debut album is dripping in an 80s aesthetic. From the new wave vocal undertones and to the stiff, computerised drum beat, 'Body Biology' oozes influence from when punk decided to grow up.

'Body Biology' is an appreciation of those in retail; an ode to the supermarket workers. Pizzagirl's debut album, first timer, is out on 11th October.


The Reytons - Wide Eyes And Halos

Sheffield based, The Reytons prove once again that the Steel City has a thriving and significant music scene. 'Wide Eyes And Halos' takes a look into society's current obsession with social media and self-image, referencing the never-ending catalogue of filters.

The opening guitar and drum beat is similar to those of an early Arctic Monkey's track, so there's definitely an audible continuity in the sound of indie rock bands coming from Sheffield.


Bakers Eddy - Can't Afford It

New Zealand-born but Australia-based, Bakers Eddy unveils a classic pop-punk track with 'Can't Afford It' reflecting on, basically, being broke.

With shouty vocals, themes around real life and a distorted beat, 'Can't Afford It' ticks all the classic pop-punk boxes. This Aussie band found themselves playing at The Great Escape Festival this year and are on their way to kicking up a storm in the UK any minute now.


Hayley Ross - Tumbledown

This second single from Hayley Ross's upcoming debut album, The Weight of Hope, immediately shouts an old Irish folk influence in her vocal style. Hayley says, 'Tumbledown' is "almost like a lullaby, and it’s aiming to soothe somebody in a bit of trouble”.

This track is set to feature on the new season of Orange Is The New Black, and the forthcoming record The Weight of Hope is out on 6th September.


Lola Marsh - Echoes

Not to be mistaken for a solo artist, Lola Marsh consists of vocalist Gil Landau and multi-instrumentalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and their psych-rock sound combined with Gil's Lana Del Rey-esque vocals make for a truly captivating listen.

On 'Echoes' Gil's voice effortlessly rings around your head on top of the wild west guitar tones, making this one hell of an addictive track.


Tennis System - Turn

LA trio Tennis System unveil another mesmerising single ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, Lovesick.

'Turn' sets out with a heavy, gruelling guitar riff and drum beat that has strong Foo Fighters references in the structure. With the mellower vocal style, the track also adds an interesting shoegaze-y element into the mix. 


Nérija - Last Straw

'Last Straw' is an insight into Nérija's upcoming debut album, Blume. Nérija is a jazz septet that puts a whole new contemporary spin on the classic jazz we think we know.

With jazz seeing something of a revival and featuring on pop acts' tracks such as Tom Misch, Nérija are here at the perfect time to get their music appreciated.

The group's latest offering keeps you on your feet with a constantly changing tempo that ensures they haven't lost you along the way. It's a truly infectious jazz track.


The Murder Capital - Don't Cling To Life

Already a recurring fixture in their electrifying live shows, Dublin's, The Murder Capital release their third single, 'Don't Cling To Life' from the forthcoming debut album When I Have Fears.

'Don't Cling To Life' has a rolling guitar riff that opens the track, clarifying that the band's bold intentions. Repeating the line, "don't cling to life", it's easy to imagine how raucous their live shows can be if each track is as contagious as this.


Waco - Levenshulme Lover

London quartet, Waco, returns with another banger of a single ahead of the release of their debut full-length, Human Magic, due out on 1st November.

'Levenshulme Lover' satisfies all your cosmic punk urges with snappy lines and rip-roaring guitar tones. Conspiracy theories, metaphysics and spirituality all make appearances on this twisted track. They're definitely an oddball in the game, but it's part of their charm.

Lead image: Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies 

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