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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 09/07/19


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The onset of July and post-Glastonbury blues have hit the UK. Mostly for those who experienced Stormzy’s iconic headline set first-hand, but also for those who forgot to set their alarm for tickets back in October. Meanwhile, you may have missed out on some of the weeks best releases, but as always, don't worry. With everything from hazy slacker-pop, to a healthy dosage of lo-fi R&B, we've got you covered.

Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies

Bdrmm - Question Mark

Hull is the unlikely birthplace for this slacker-pop anthem from hazy shoegazers, bdrmm. Recently signed to Sonic Cathedral, it seems the lads have found their perfect residency. Their latest single ‘Question Mark’ is a slow-building, wistful track that accumulates into a wall of glittering guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Slowdive record. “I wish we could forget all of the things that we said,” sings frontman Ryan Smith, looking back regretfully on the deterioration of a relationship. Speaking on the track the band explain that it’s about “being told you’ve done something wrong and believing you’ve done something wrong are completely different things. Question mark came from that realisation.” Bdrmm will play Hull’s Humber Street Sesh on 2nd August.

SWANES - The Hard Way

Comprised of brothers Stefan and Mike Bildy, SWANES are the silky-smooth, lo-fi R&B duo that you need to add to your ‘summer-chill’ playlist. ‘The Hard Way’ is the latest track from the boys, which cuts soul samples into a blend of velvety lof-fi beats and misty vocals. With lyrics such as, “How many lessons can we learn before we figure it out?”,  it's definitely a track for reminiscing tenderly on short-lived romances.


Ali Horn - Dreamers

Liverpool native Ali Horn’s latest single  ‘Dreamers’ invites you into a swirling psych-rock wonderland with ‘Dreamers’. Most well- known for being the lead guitarist in Strange Collective, Horn invites you to ride the hedonistic crest of his own wave. In a mindset similar to Liverpool’s most famous musical export, he contemplates “Your approaching the waterfall all you can do is scream. Whatever happened to the dreamers?”. In a discourse characterised by chaos within everything from the environment to politics, it's easy to give up hope. But hope is exactly the antidote we need.


Harry Heart - Montaigne

Harry Heart balances confident, guitar-driven indie rock with emotionally vulnerable and wistful passion on his new single, 'Montaigne'. Lyrically, the track compares the fervent passion nurtured in a fresh relationship, against the emotional complications of the end of it. “I still dream of you some nights,” sings Heart as he remembers his lover through an idyllic lense of nostalgia. Montaigne is inspired by French Philosopher Michel de Montaigne’s essays in which Heart explains, “The concept that really resonated with me was showing all sides of yourself, good and bad." Montaigne is the first taste of the forthcoming Hands in the Hive EP, due to be released later this year.

Modern Nature - Footsteps

‘Footsteps’ is the stripped-back new single from Beak, Ultimate Painting and Sunwatchers super group, Modern Nature. Whispery vocals cut through against a swirling synth and a besieging saxophone and it teeters on the edges of the occultism. Accompanied by a video directed by Jack Cooper with references to Withnail and I and Tales From A Hard City, he explains how, “One of the threads through the album is a journey from the chaos of the city to the sanctuary of the country, so we wanted to condense that idea down over the course of 'Footsteps' with the final scene being a baptism... washing everything away.” Modern Nature will perform a string of festivals over the summer, as well as a UK tour that kicks off at Leeds Brudenell Social Club on 13th September.

SOEUR - Do What I Want

Kicked off with a menacing guitar riff, and ominous bassline ‘Do What I Want’ explores the toxicity of monogamous relationships, and losing that sense of identity. “I tried to compromise better just to please me”. The Bristol three-piece have that spark of the unabashed independence present in bands such as Sleater Kinney and Bikini Kill. Speaking on the track, frontwoman Tina Maynard explains that "Do What I Want’ for me is about finally choosing yourself after putting someone else’s interests first for so long”. This summer the band will be all over the UK at festivals, including 2000trees, ArcTanGent and Boomtown.


Bootleg Rascal - Get Over Myself

Infused with just the right dosage of funk, indie-rock and hip-hop, ‘Get Over Yourself’ is the infectious new track from Australian duo Bootleg Rascal. Soulful vocals compliment a reposed R&B beat. One half of the duo, Carlos Lara explains, “We really wanted to do something different, explore incorporating different aspects of music that we really love listening to, like hip-hop and soul. It’s also just a hella fun song". The track comes from their double A-side release Yin and Yang, which also features ‘Tryin’ To Run’.

Lucifour M - Dog

‘Dog’ is the debut groove-laden synth-pop track from Italian outfit Lucifour M. Characterised by exuberant vocal hooks, a grooving bassline and playful percussion, ‘Dog’ is the jovial track that gives you that extra hit of serotonin. Speaking on the track the band say that “the song is about trying to live as you want to live in a time of domestication. ‘Please forget about you’ is a memo to you and ourselves: try to free your mind from all the people and things that ask you to be 'nice' - just because they want you to behave in a certain way”. ‘Dog’ is accompanied by an animated film clip from director Emanuele Kabu, showing our canine friends living their best lives.


Frauds - Putin's Day Off

Croydon punk duo Frauds take a ricochet at authoritarianism and consumer culture with their sardonic new track 'Putin’s Day Off'. Armed with brazen wit, and a biting cynicism towards everything from dubious political policies, to “protein-rich-vegan-gluten-free tofu” cuisine. Speaking on the track the band say that “even though it's fun to point out and laugh at these ridiculous claims, 'Putin's Day Off' is more about the things we choose to believe than the geopolitical landscape”. Make sure you check these guys out at 2000trees.

The Golden Dregs - The Queen Of Clubs

A narrative that follows the bar-hopping lives of the “warm body pleasers and cold-blooded teasers” is delivered in the gruff vocal tones of Benjamin Woods. Despite being devised in South-London the track is driven by Americana-tinged hues, as Woods acts as the troubadour of nocturnal camouflage. Speaking on the track Wood notes, “'The Queen of Clubs' follows a character consumed by the darker side of nightlife. In my mind, the narrative is based in Berlin. It’s a city where it seems easy to lose yourself like you could easily wake up one day and ten years just disappeared in a blur”. The Golden Dregs's new album, Hope For The Hopeless is out on 27th of September.

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