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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 25/06/2019


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The summer solstice may have been and gone, but it looks like the sunshine may finally be here to stay, so you’ll want some good tunes to go with this newfound good weather. Summer always puts me in the mood for guitar pop and indie rock, so we’ve got plenty of that this week, as well as some more electronic stuff, shoegaze, and retro rock ‘n’ roll.

Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies 

Tanners – Fumes

This 80s-style ballad will resonate with fans of Shura and Sky Ferreira. This catchy chilled out electro-pop tune has wistful undertones and a dreamy, almost psychedelic vibe. Tanners says that this is her ‘prom song’ - “my goal was to pay homage to these sparkly, nostalgic, almost melancholy productions,” and the track gives a nod to classics of the 80s such as Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’.


Twen – Damsel 

‘Damsel’ is the lead single from Twen’s upcoming debut album, Awestruck and proves that this duo are definitely ones to watch. Twen's origins lie in the Boston DIY punk scene and the pair have been touring pretty much constantly for the past two years prior to releasing anything officially. The shoegaze-y rock of this track makes it the perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days.


Lina Tullgren – Golden Babyland

‘Golden Babyland’ is the first single from the indie rock singer/songwriter’s forthcoming second album, Free Cell. Renowned for introspective lyrics, Tullgren’s sound has been influenced by learning fiddle traditions and classical technique in adolescence. This track is about grief and loneliness – “in the kitchen melting Legos / I am sick, I am alone,” Tullgren sings over a rumbling bassline. Culminating in a frenzy of haywire guitars that sets the listener on edge – Tullgren is a master at getting under your skin.


Jade imagine – Remote Control

This Melbourne based band recently announced their debut album Basic Love due out on Marathon Artists and fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett’s label, Milk! Records. New single ‘Remote Control’ is a laid-back, summery rock track with catchy synths. Singer Jade McInally says it’s “about the conflict between reality & escape and the two worlds we live in; dreaming and denial in a world of practicalities and productivity. It's an exploration into synth territory. We wanted this track to be equal parts spooky and catchy, like taking a night-drive in a 1980's sci-fi film.” If Courtney’s a fan, so are we.


Newmoon – Let It End

‘Let It End’ is the latest release from Antwerp based guitar pop that’s reminiscent of the mid-00s’ golden age of pop rock. “It’s inspired by alternative rock music of the 90s and early 2000s,” singer Bert Cannaerts says, “it was written as an anthemic, uplifting and powerful song [...] it aims to be a sort of mantra for people who feel like their situation might seem difficult to escape or hopeless”.


Goon – Check Engine Light

‘Check Engine Light’ is the third single from Goon’s upcoming debut album, Heaven is Humming. They’ve gained a cult following in LA since forming in 2016 – renowned for their scuzz rock, this new track is thick with pounding guitars and melancholy vocals without giving into dreariness. 


Georgia – About Work The Dancefloor (The Black Madonna Remix)

Georgia is a drummer, singer, and producer from London. ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ is vibrant, dance-y, late night 80s inspired bop and US DJ, The Black Madonna adds her trademark soulful production into the mix.


Dead Nature – In My Heart

‘In My Heart’ is the debut single from Dead Nature, the solo project of Tarek Musa, former producer and songwriter of the garage rock band, Spring King. Self-produced, self-recorded, and mixed, ‘In My Heart’ has a euphoric, fierce energy that feels perfect for summertime listening. An EP entitled Taking My Shadow is coming out later this summer.


Black Honey – I Don’t Ever Wanna Love 

‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ is the latest single from Brighton-based Black Honey and perhaps a preview of their second album, which is rumoured to be dropping sometime next year. This track is full of their usual cool, retro sound and distinctive vocals of frontwoman Izzy Baxter Phillips but with a slicker edge than the more boisterous offerings of their debut LP. 


B Boys – Pressure Inside

‘Pressure Inside’ is the raucous new track from New York punk band B Boys off their forthcoming album, Dudu. Despite their American origins, their sound feels distinctly British. This is a song to dance and shout along to in a field after a couple of pints – perfect festival fare (if they decide to play in the UK anytime soon).


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