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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 11/06/19


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These weird and wonderful new releases should leave you feeling uplifted after an exhausting exam season. Even if the weather is less than glorious, you can still celebrate with a few of these tracks turned up to the max on your mate’s amp!

Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies

Ada Lea - mercury 

During the aftermath of a failed relationship, Ada Lea journaled the first 180 days of her experience of the post-breakup period. This developed into her debut album what we say in private, which is due to be released on 19th July. ‘mercury’ in particular reflects upon the non-linear journey that follows a break-up, with varied pacing throughout the song. The Montreal singer-songwriter says she allowed the track to develop on its own and expand in an organic direction. This stop-start neo-pop record gives listeners a glimpse into the private life of an individual trying to fix a broken heart. 

MOHIT - Yoghurt 

From the dreamy and scaled-back verses to its most intense moments, East London trio MOHIT manages to effortlessly achieve a quintessentially psychedelic sound on this record. Laced with rock riffs and rhythms, this track is progressive and avant-garde. The use of loops and ethereal harmonies also gives it an 80s vibe.



Dude York - Box 

Seattle-based pop-punk trio Dude York investigates the theme of Falling in their upcoming album of the same title, due for release on 26th July. Bassist Claire England describes the band’s views on the topic, stating that “there are two ways things can fall. They can fall and be ruined, or they can fall like a feather and be fine.” This peppy yet punky record explores these ideas, discussing adolescent disappointment and the bittersweet nature of falling in and out of relationships. 



MUNA - Number One Fan 

MUNA’s ‘Number One Fan’ is a song about recognising the negative voices in your head but learning how to speak back to them. The band states, “Just as we can all be our own biggest haters, we can also decide to be our biggest fans.”  'Number One Fan' is introduced with just vocals and synths, but as the track progresses the instrumentation broadens out to encompass a full band sound.


Ciaran Lavery - Selene 

In this extremely intimate piano ballad, Ciaran Lavery unveils his husky Northern Irish tone. With sounds of a cassette tape before and after the song, the track is sentimental and self-reflective. Lavery says that 'Selene' "is an insight into the current path I am on, giving myself the freedom to be the asshole without throwing my own heart or someone else’s under the bus for the sake of honest writing”. Lavery achieves this aim without a doubt, producing a sublime piece of musical integrity. 


Beoga - Let You Go (feat. Anderson East) 

This collaboration between Irish ‘new wave’ quintet and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Anderson East presents an interesting blend of tradition and modernity. The musicians in this collaboration stay loyal to their acoustic sound, through soaring strings and vocals, an acoustic guitar and a simple beat on the kit. Gliding through the track is also a violin line inspired by traditional Irish folk. The song explores the cutting of ties with somebody and the ability to move on.


Glass Caves - ‘Ljubljana’ 

Glass Caves have released ‘Ljubljana’ as the final track on their Trilogy EP. The song lyrics and video seem suggestive of exploring and revisiting the scenes of Slovenia’s capital. Alluding to falling in love with the anthropomorphised town, the band sings, “Then hit me with a salty kiss/ I can feel the waves’ emotion/ I see goosebumps cover your skin/ Oh, this is where it all begins”.


Automatic - Calling It 

Automatic remains loyal to the origins of punk in this track about freeing yourself of inhibitions and letting go. The ambiguous lyrics address the anxieties of belonging to a limited scene - “The room is getting smaller, so leave it if you gotta/ A picture of your changing face, another standing in its place”. 


Larkins - Sugar Sweet  

‘Sugar Sweet’ is a bright love song featuring soaring synths and a high-flying chorus. Its music video follows the same story of a blossoming romance between two friends. The lead of the band, Josh Noble shares that “’'Sugar Sweet’ was always about that moment where nothing kinda turns to something” and the precious naivety of a newly-evolving love. 

Body of Light - Time to Kill 

‘Time to Kill’ is a taste of what’s to come on Body of Light’s third album of the same name, due to be released on 26th July. The Arizona duo rejuvenates an 80s synth-pop style with swelling pads and driving rhythms resulting in a romantic, confident and haunting track.

Lead image credit: Meddies

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