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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 04/06/19


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We've entered June, and summer has become very real for a lot of us as we hit submit on our final Turnitin link and utilise our student discount more than ever in celebration. Although the weather may have been hit and miss for a lot of us across the country, this week's releases have been exceptionally consistent. From unifying punk to cathartic ballads, we've got you covered.


Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies

Bad Breeding - Whose Cause

'Whose Cause' is a high octane barrage of guitar, gravelly deadpan vocals and has a saxophone feature from Lewis Evans. Stevenage-based Bad Breeding bring you political punk at its finest. The band's ethos centres around working-class solidarity, exploring it in an indignant yet unifying way. The band express how 'Whose Cause' “explores the theatre of being tied to agency work and zero-hours contracts, dogged by insecurity, stripped of confidence and laid bare to the laughable fatalism of being exploited by the very concepts you’re taught as necessary to your own survival.” Bad Breeding begin their UK tour on 21st July at Crofter’s Right in Bristol. The track is from the band's debut album, Exiled, whose release coincides with this first live date.

lennixx - Split By

‘Split By’ blends soulful R&B and pop sensibilities in its beguiling groove and mellifluous harmonies. Lo-fi hip-hop beats compliment the duo’s flawlessly harmonised vocals seamlessly. The track discusses the strains of human relationships and the compromise of self that can go along with being with the wrong person. According to the duo, 'Split By' "is about when you’re in a certain situation with a person you can’t seem to get out of. Like, when you are with this person you change and become someone you’re not because you go back and forth for so long not knowing exactly what you are. You’re basically stuck in limbo with this person”. 'Split By' comes from lennixx's debut EP of the same name, which is out now on Record Company 10.

The Rhythm Method - Wandsworth Plain

The London duo return with 'Wandsworth Plain', featuring Chris Diddford of Squeeze. Like modern-day troubadours, The Rhythm Method incorporates real-life anecdotes in an audacious vernacular, singing, "was it the long train or the leaflets through the door that woke you up?". 'Wandsworth Plain' recounts everyday mundanity with larger-than-life vigour. Speaking on the track the duo remark, “It's a kitchen sink drama, set in South London, almost a spiritual update of 'Up The Junction'. A song that incorporates a lot of our collective influences; Small Faces, The Kinks, Pulp and of course Squeeze.”  The song is from the duo's forthcoming album How Would You Know I Was Lonely, set to be released on 21st June.

Africa Express - Become The Tiger

'Become The Tiger' is taken from the collective's forthcoming studio album, EGOLI, due to be released on 12th July. Featuring Cape Town-based electronica artist Sibot, former Bombay Bicycle Club frontman and self-described ‘sample-hound’ Mr Jukes, plus Africa Express co-founder Damon Albarn, ‘Become The Tiger’ was written and recorded during the week-long album sessions in Johannesburg last year. The track mixes a club-ready, eclectic groove with the distinctive drawl of Damon Albarn with the repeated refrain of "become the tiger".

0171- Red Light

Slow-building and hedonistic, Hackney synth-pop duo 0171 release new track 'Red Light' - a track about celebrity culture and the blur between the personal and the public in the social media age. An interplay of voices explores a narrative of being placed upon the pedestal of notoriety with the added pressure of love between two people. They feel that their love is more real and more intense if it’s being recorded and, accompanied by oscillating synths, warped vocals reference this old-fashioned idea of being a "superstar". The duo, Joe-Bedell Brill and Georgie Howe, note how on the track they "thought about how the act of filming experiences makes those experiences feel more real for many people these days [...] Everyone is a star in their [own] videos." 0171's debut EP Red Light is out now.

Crumb - Fall Down

Driven by a skipping drum machine and accompanied by the sporadically entering Lynchian style synths, Lila Ramani’s worn honey-sweet vocals express how, “You make it easy to feel no pain/When you are above me, bathe in the rain". The track explores how having the right people by your side can ease the difficulties of life in the face of pain. 'Fall Down' is taken from the psych-pop outfit’s upcoming debut album, Jinx, which is set to be released on 14th June.

Roxy Girls - Trials And Tribulations

Experimental post-punk outfit Roxy Girls force discord into melody on 'Trials And Tribulations'. Speaking on the track, the band comments, “Everyone knows how it feels to be a little lost or to be stuck in a seemingly inescapable rut. 'Trials and Tribulations' does what it says on the tin really [...] We get bored when we're on our own, and letting other people into our lives can rescue us from this impending insanity”. The new album A Poverty Of Attention is out on 6th September.

Brooders - More

'More', the latest track from Leeds psych-rock outfit Brooders, thrusts the listener into a barrage of noise, before trickling into sultry psych riffs and agonised vocals, The track explores the tensions thrown at you from every corner of life, and the feeling it can bring to beat against the harsh waves of everyday life. Lead singer Adam Bairstow notes how the single “speaks of uncertainty. It looks at life from two sides of the coin and takes the listener on a journey fuelled by distress and tension". The band will begin a headline tour at Hyde Park Book Club on 21st July.

Plague Vendor - Prism

Southern California's Plague Vendor teeters on the edge of hedonistic chaos on the new track 'Prism'. The guitars kick in expeditiously, building up adrenaline throughout the song and complimenting lead singer Brandon Blaine's menacing growl in an unequivocally enticing way. 'Prism' captures the feeling of ruin and regeneration, of charisma and catastrophe and of slashing at-the-night with nothing but pure electricity. The track comes from their debut album By Night Friday, which is due to be released on 7th June.

Jade Jackson - Secret

Jade Jackson’s empathetic vocal delivery possesses the weight of the sensitive charged issues in her lyrical content. 'Secret' traces the debilitating experience of poor mental health and emotional detachment, as Jackson laments that “I looked inside and I saw that I was empty”. Speaking on the song the singer-songwriter says: “A lot of little feelings that hurt me, or that I have suppressed, sometimes pop up when I sing. If you push a buoy down in the water then let go, it shoots up quickly. Sometimes that happens with sadness in my songwriting. It speaks of those primal feelings of sadness one is too familiar with”. 'Secret' is the second track to be made available on Jackson’s sophomore album Wilderness, set to be released on 28th June.

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