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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 13/05/19


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The grey skies and rainy weather are finally fading away and with the end of the exam season approaching, it’s fair to say summer is just around the corner. So whether you’re taking a break from revision or if you’re one of the lucky ones and you've finished exams altogether, take a moment and check out this week’s newest tunes.

Image courtesy of Wasuremono via Prescription PR

Wasuremono – Self-Help

Wasuremono’s latest single, ‘Self-Help' is a cheerful and uplifting indie dream pop anthem. Their debut album, Something Left Behind, was conceived and recorded in a garden shed, yet despite its humble origins, upon its release in 2018, it managed to launch the band to new heights. Now their highly-anticipated follow-up effort, Are You OK? is just around the corner and ‘Self-Help’ is our first taste of the forthcoming project. Writer and vocalist, William Southward described the song’s vibe as, “one of optimism and feeling less alone, but there is also a sense of urgency to this song, of reaching out.”


Frost Koffin – Ain't Good For Me

The latest release from Texan metal band, Frost Koffin is a roaring release of power. ‘Aint Good For Me’ is a thumping refusal to change bad habits, whatever they may be. Bassist and co-vocalist, Garett Earles says, “Most people will develop a bad habit in life; some overcome, while others simply choose not to. This song leans towards the perspective of those who choose to stay in their ways.” It’s a bold and impressive track with heavy riffs and powerful vocals. 


Exiled – Lita’s Place

‘Lita’s Place’ is the latest exciting release from indie-pop student band Exiled. The Bristol/Sheffield based four-piece are making waves in the local music scene and with the release of this latest tune, their year is looking promising. Catchy riffs, strong vocals and a wonderful old school indie vibe make this track a triumph. It’s a sure-fire festival anthem that will fill you with a fond nostalgia for the days of old school Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen.


Black Mountain – Licenced to Drive

Black Mountain’s latest release is a spacey, kooky tune with a melancholic doomsday vibe. Taken from their forthcoming album Destroyer, out on 24th May, ‘Licenced to Drive’ is a frantic, exhilarating track that boasts strong guitar riffs and heavy vocals. An initial spacey, sci-fi vibe progresses into a classic riff-heavy, rock and roll track that feels almost cinematic. 


Dude York - Falling

Seattle trio Dude York’s latest track is an ode to adolescent bliss and the pop-punk vibe of decades past. ‘Falling’ is the title track from the band's upcoming album, due for release on 26th July. The tune is a celebration of the clumsy and fragmented nature of young love, falling together and falling apart. Band member Claire England says, “There are two ways things can fall, they can fall and be ruined, or they can fall gently like a feather and be fine”. It’s this duality that the single captures.


Molly Sarlè – This Close

“This Close” is an ethereal, folk-pop tune that talks of the bliss of falling in love and finding yourself in the eyes of another. Inspired from falling in love in Big Sur, California, the song feels like an ode to a wild love against the backdrop of the West Coast sunset. It’s an open-hearted, contemplative love song that you’ll want to play with the windows down in your car.      


Plague Vendor – Let Me Get High\Low

The track is a psychedelic-infused pop-punk song with warped, echoing vocals and powerful bass. It’s a distorted fusion of pop and punk that feels strangely sci-fi but also rock and roll. It’s the third single from the band’s upcoming album By Night. Following in the footsteps of the already released, ‘New Comedown’ and ‘All of the Above’ this track is a fresh and inventive take on 60s/70s rock and allows the band to unleash their powerhouse riffs whilst maintaining their surreal signature style.


Olden Yolk – Grand Palais   

Grand Palais is “about the frivolous search to seek some semblance of spiritual understanding in various places, things, and people outside of ourselves.” It’s a spiritual, pondering, song that boasts 70s sounds and impressive percussion from Booker Stardrum. The psychedelic track feels like an ode to old school folk music with a layer of modern electronica. It’s the final pre-release from their album Living Theatre, which is due out on 17th May. 


Weatherstate – Barely Human 

“Barely Human” is taken from the Bristolian band’s debut album Born A Cynic, set for release this Friday. It’s a thumping alt-rock anthem inspired by the anger and bitterness left after the breakdown of a relationship. Guitarist and vocalist, Harry Hoskins says, “It’s about parting ways after a relationship and the self-destructive behaviour that can sometimes go with that”. The aggressive guitar riffs and powerhouse drumming feels like a homage to 90s pop punk while remaining a fresh addition to the current alt-rock music scene. 


Super Silly – Hate Dah 

Super Silly’s latest track is a refreshing reimaging of R&B. It’s a fun, playful but infectiously rhythmic tune that combines the soul of old school rhythm and blues with a new, fresh and inventive production. The four-piece started out in gospel choir at their local churches and turned their talents to R&B with the release of their debut single last year. The group’s work so far showcases an eclectic fusion of genres, yet all with the same soul and rhythm that ‘Hate Dah’ boasts. 

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