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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 29/04/19


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This week’s Fresher Sounds is overflowing with the music you need to start your week on a high. From noise-pop to MC remixes, we’ve got you covered.

Honey Moon

Honey Moon by Dan Hipkin via Super Cat PR

Honey Moon - If I Could Only Dream

Sounding like London’s contemporary answer to the Beach Boys, Honey Moon sway into 2019 with new single ‘If I Could Dream’. The single is a masterclass in jangle-pop that feels both up-to-the-minute and nostalgic, whilst their trademark doo-wop sounds capture a jukebox culture. Bright, plucky guitars and lively basslines carry the sunny retro-pop song.

SWANES – Dreams of Iceland

SWANES have been drifting around Spotify indie playlists for a hot minute, and new single ‘Dreams of Iceland’ proves exactly why. Doused in rich atmospherics and full of vibrant idiosyncrasies, the track is another big step forward for the pair cutting a downtempo groove with glistening production. After recently being highlighted by Australian electro-heavyweights Future Classic (Flume, Jagwar Ma), it seems SWANES time is finally coming.

Gazel – You’re Not Funny

The latest from British/Turkish songwriter, Gazel, features spoken word passages which build into melodic crescendos. ‘You’re Not Funny’ is a dark as it is clever with hauntingly ethereal choruses contrasting with a driving beat. Regarding the new single, Gazel explains that “’You’re Not Funny’ is a conversation between Gazel and a charlatan spiritual teacher who lives in the collective unconscious”. Her album, Gazel’s Book Of Souls, is due out on 4th October.

altopalo – Mud

‘Mud’ from New York’s altopalo, encompasses a patchwork of chiming synths, distorted samples and echoing percussion. True to their home city’s musical heritage, the band have mastered an edgy stylistic fusion as technological progress and the erosion of boundaries permits their avant-garde sounds. Together, altopalo explore music as art, with experimentalism being key to their methods of broadening the horizons of electro-pop.

THUMPER – In My Room

Thriving at the forefront of the Irish scene alongside FONTAINES D.C., the Murder Capital and Just Mustard, THUMPER is another noise-pop group with a reputation for raucous and frenzied live shows. ‘In My Room’ introduces itself a slow burner before erupting into chunky noise with incredibly catchy lyrics. Ultimately, ‘In My Room’, as stated by the band, “is a discussion about willing yourself into a reclusive state; telling yourself it’s an act of autonomy when really it’s an act of self-sabotage”.

Bad Milk – Microphone (alt mix) ft. K.O.G + Mic Assassin

Taking the success of previously released ‘Microphone’ to new heights, the single has been given an alternative remix which adds the bars of London-based rapper, Mic Assassin. It’s another earworm release from Bad Milk, who sprung onto the scene last year after working with Jordan Rakei, and more recently having songwriting credits on BTS’s album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA. Bad Milk's current remit looks at fusing warm electronic textures with an array of vocalists that he can then reign into a dance/pop track.

Barrie – Geology

Brooklyn five-piece, Barrie, return with the charming new single ‘Geology’. With the coinciding with its release on Earth Day, the track has an unadorned dream pop feel. Speaking on the track, the group’s frontwoman Barrie Lindsay commented that there’s an influence from 90s teen cinema as “Bethany Cosentino [of Best Coast] said she was inspired by 90s movies soundtracks like Clueless, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You. It blew my mind because I loved that music but didn’t realise you could take it seriously. That’s where 'Geology' came from”.

Pile – Hair

Accompanied by a music video reminiscent of home VHS, ‘Hair’ captures Pile in a contemplative mode. Stripped down by minimal instrumentation and lead vocals, the track is a showcase for frontman Rick Maguire’s lyricism and expressive voice. The single is an ambitious move for a guitar band as subtle orchestral tones flourish in one of Pile’s quieter moments in their catalogue to date.

Johnny Lloyd – I’ll Be Me

Lullaby-like with a minimal three-chord arrangement, Johnny Lloyd lets his soothing lyricism take the lead in the new single ‘I’ll Be Me’. Inspired by becoming a father for the first time, Johnny comments “'I’ll Be Me' is a song about learning to love yourself. It’s about accepting what’s passed and what hasn’t happened in your life and looking to the future. It was a direct reaction to becoming a dad”. The single is short and sweet as the intricate threads of life pull Johnny’s usual wit and wonder into a rich tapestry.

Snow Ghosts – Ribcage

‘Ribcage’ flows between minimalist passages and expansive instrumentation to create a visceral soundscape. The single follows the release of ‘Heavy Heart’ and ‘Rip’, both of which are taken from the group’s upcoming album, A Quiet Ritual, which is due for release on 3rd May. Centring around the theme of death, the trio takes a necessarily complex approach as the album “seeks to process the shock and grief of bereavement and its aftermath”.

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