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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 15/04/19


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It’s that time of year. Final deadlines and dissertation due dates are creeping up on all of us. With exams lurking just around the corner, take your mind off the impending sense of doom and check out this week’s newest tunes. 

Jackie Mendoza by Tayo Okyekan via Stereo Sanctity PR


Jackie Mendoza – Mucho Más 

'Mucho Más' is the first single from Jackie Mendoza’s upcoming debut EP LuvHz, set for release on 26th April. It’s a strange, surreal tune with effervescent beats and Mendoza’s native Latin influence. Born in California but hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, Mendoza blends both cultures in her eccentric dance-pop. The track's lyrics “mucho más/más allá” translate to “much more out there” and the song was written when Mendoza was so crippled with anxiety she found herself unable to leave her apartment. 'Mucho Más' is engagingly abstract, with psychedelic beats combining synth and ukulele pop.


Alfie Templeman – Stop Thinking (About Me)

After making tracks in his bedroom at 13, indie-pop newcomer Alfie Templeman released his debut EP Like an Animal last year at the tender age of 15. His latest single is the playful and indie rock track  'Stop Thinking (About Me)'. It’s a soulful tune with a slow and steady lo-fi vibe and synths layered throughout. The track boasts laid-back, surprisingly old school vocals from the youthful Templeman and features an unexpected interlude around two-thirds of the way in that allows Templeman’s skill in music production to shine through. He’s certainly one to watch. 


Erica Cody – Lovin’ on Me

The 21-year-old Irish singer has dropped her debut EP Leoness this week featuring 'Lovin’ on Me', a sensual, seductive love song that is soaked in old school R&B nostalgia. Cody explains, “everyone that knows me knows I have a very heavy 90s influence, from the likes of Jodeci to Aaliyah to Brandy, all of them. I think it’s only fair that I pay tribute and pay homage to the people that have inspired my music”.

Cody’s velvet vocals have made her a key figure in the Dublin R&B scene in the past year and her infectious melodies and stellar vocals are sure to propel her to stardom in the coming years. 


Hannah Jane Lewis – Not Yours Never Was 

After independently releasing singles steadily for the past three years, Hannah Jane Lewis has finally released her first self-titled EP under record label Polydor. 'Not Yours Never Was' is a refreshing and upbeat breakup anthem that details the fight to reclaim your sense of self and identity after a relationship breaks down. Having spent her childhood in both the UK and the US, Jane Lewis tries to make music that reconciles both cultures. “I’m influenced by my US upbringing, but that’s brought to life through the prism of UK pop sensibilities,” she says. 


Lily Moore – Why Don’t You Look At Me

19-year-old Lily Moore is Brighton’s answer to the late Amy Winehouse. Exposed by sparing instrumentation, her voice is raw and deeply reminiscent of the blue-eyed soul of the late Londoner. 'Why Don’t You Look At Me' is a masterclass in smoky vocals and laidback melodies that feels both contemporary and nostalgic, evoking the jazz inflections of classic voices like Etta James and Lauryn Hill whilst still remaining fresh. After supporting acts like Tom Grennan, George Ezra and James Bay, it seems Moore’s time is finally coming.

Fontaines D.C. – Boys In The Better Land

The debut album from Irish punk-rock band Fontaines D.C. was released on Friday. 'Boys In The Better Land' serves as the lead single from Dogrel. It’s a boisterous and feisty track that, refreshingly, allows lead singer Grian Chatten’s thick Dublin accent to come through. In Chatten's words, the track is a “celebration of independent thought” and that seems apt for a bold and unapologetic cry of disillusionment and desire for escapism with rapid riffs and thumping drums. The Irish five-piece have a lot to say and they aren’t afraid of saying it.


The Peach Fuzz – The Outside Looking In

The sophomore single from up-and-coming indie pop-rock band The Peach Fuzz is a bouncy tune infused with 80s pop synths and elevated by Nathaniel Cummings commanding lead vocals. 'The Outside Looking In' is an electro-pop track with reverberating chants that give the whole song a nostalgic anthem-like vibe. It’s a fun and infectiously rhythmic tune that's hard not to tap your feet to. 

Drahla – Pyramid Estate

The latest track from Leeds trio Drahla, is an experimental pop-punk tune with art-rock vibes and features a striking saxophone interlude. 'Pyramid Estate' is the third single taken from their highly anticipated, upcoming debut album Useless Coordinates, out on 3rd May. With the addition of saxophonist Chris Duffin to the record, the band has taken on a bolder and more unpredictable sound. One wouldn’t expect to hear the sounds of a saxophone on a post-punk garage record but oddly it seems to work. The band’s evolving punk-rock sound is refreshing and reinvigorating for a genre that is quickly becoming over-saturated.


Press Club – Get Better 

The latest track from Australian four-piece rock band Press Club is the roaring garage-punk track 'Get Better'. It’s an expletive-filled, angry and energetic track with heavy guitar riffs and wild vocals from lead singer Natalie Foster. The band have made a name for themselves in recent years with their extensive gigging and will be bringing their sound to the UK in the next few months. 'Get Better' is a powerhouse track, both aggressive and vulnerable, but an anthem nonetheless. 


Small Hours – Red Line

The latest release from Small Hours, the songwriting duo made up of Alex Mills and Alex Patten, is a hypnotic, exhilarating dive into electro-pop. 'Red Line' is an existential, alt-pop triumph blending elements of R&B with heavy bass and powerful vocals. Small Hours currently have three EPs in the making and if their current releases are anything to go by, they are sure to make a strong impression in 2019. 

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