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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 08/04/19


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With many artists releasing singles in anticipation for festival season, this week's Fresher Sounds is overflowing with sing-along hits and emotional ballads. 

Now that the Easter holidays have begun for a lot of us, it's time to start learning the lyrics to our selection of new music as it's likely they will be popping up in the small stages at festivals dotted across the country. 

Image: Field Medic by Michael Tyrone Delaney


This grunge five-piece band has created a sharp and infectious tune in 'Cut It'. Vocalist Camilla Roholm explained that the song is about "cutting out the poisonous parts [of your life] and feeling better for it", and that sense of relief is certainly conveyed through this song's upbeat and moody vibe. 

Johnny Lloyd - I Need Help

This track opens with some spellbinding strings and gradually builds up to the chorus as the vocals and percussion are introduced. Lloyd's voice almost fades in with the other instruments, creating an atmosphere of serenity despite the heartbreaking lyrics. The rawness of the song arises from the fact that every song on his upcoming album, including 'I Need Help', was recorded in three takes or less.

Field Medic - the bottle's my lover, she's just my friend

This single, which is from the folk singer's upcoming album fade into dawn, is a soothing track overflowing with feeling and emotion, showcased through Kevin Patrick's haunting vocals. Patrick has reminisced that "the whole song came out in a matter of minutes" due to it depicting such a darkly vivid period of his life, where he would stay home alone to get drunk. 

Jakuzi - Kalbim Köprü Gibi

'Kalbim Köprü Gibi' can be translated to "my heart is like a bridge" and this song depicts the emotions of being in love with two people. Although Jakuzi sings in Turkish, he is an example of how music can convey universal emotions. The synth-style reflects his inner-turmoil, but his vocals have so much clarity that they produce a calming sensation that you have to bask in. 

Orla Gartland - Flatline

Following the success of her previous single, 'Why Am I Like This?' Orla Gartland has returned with her distinctive indie-pop sound. The pre-chorus is almost psychedelic due to Gartland's staccato vocals that continue to sprinkle this track with colour throughout, as a result of their extraordinary dynamism. Gartland describes this song as being "about giving everything to a friendship and getting nothing back".

Pile - The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller

A punk-rock track expressing the frustrations towards the far-right presidential advisor, Stephen Miller, Pile demonstrate that punchy politically-engaged rock music is a necessity in our current climate. Frontman Rick Maguire explained that he could imagine Miller "being on my bus in high school, and that, I think, brings to light a different but related set of complicated emotions".

Knuckle - Spilt Milk

The second single from Knuckle's debut album is a classically fast-paced and upbeat rock tune. Songwriter Jonny Firth admits that this is a song about Brexit and showcases the frustrations of the band, something that is reflected in the frequent repetition of the song's apt title, 'Spilt Milk'. 


This beautiful ballad from the 20-year-old singer-songwriter is filled with dreamy verses that lead effortlessly into the infectious chorus where she admits: "I still get nervous below the surface when you're in the room". CHARLOTTE's music is filled with a soulful atmosphere that singles her out amongst mainstream pop. 

Isaac Waddington - Make It Better

This funky track from former Britain's Got Talent star is full of repetition and cyclical lyrics to make you want to get up and dance. Despite the soulful beat, the rap sections are confessional as Waddington admits, "I don't know if I can make it by myself", which adds a whole new level to this already complex and layered single. 

All Tvvins ft. Sorcha Richardson - No One Is Any Fun

Sorcha Richardson's vocals add vibrancy to this mellow and chill track, which is the fifth release from the Irish duo this year. The synthetic undertones add a deepness to this song that is thoroughly immersive. 'No One Is Any Fun' follows the meeting of two people in a strange city at night and that feeling of estrangement and being lost in the moment is reflected in the hypnotic chorus. 

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