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C'est la vie: The French songs you need to hear right now


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Is there anything more sensual than the French language?

Paris via Wiki Commons

The answer is yes: the French language in song.

The unequivocal Queen of the romance languages, French slips and slides through the scales and rolls rather pleasantly off the tongue. Merde! Even their swear words sound sexy. 

If, like me, you've a penchant for all things sophistiquée and you regularly daydream about quitting your day job and running away to Paris with nothing but a typewriter and a pack of smokes, then maybe like me, it's time to add a bit of "je ne sais quoi" to your year-old playlists. 

From contemporary electrofunk to staples from the burgeoning indie scene, these tracks are bound to get your foot tapping and your juices flowing. Just don't blame me if you take up a tidy wine habit and order 7 berets from ASOS. 

Poom - Qui es-tu?

From the Parisian art school duo Poom comes the sensual, drifting 'Qui es-tu?'. A dreamy lament about love in between the sheets and bass in the streets, you don't need to speak the language to understand the subtleties of this track. It's powered by a playful combination of guitar and piano melodies which complement the breezy female vocals. Yum.

L'Impératrice - Odyssée (Version acoustique)

Originally released as the title track of their 2015 EP, 'Odyssée' seems to sit that little bit nicer in acoustic. Making room for trailing panpipe solos and sweet flute interludes, the 90s French disco connoisseurs L'Impératrice strip back the electronics and allow the song to wrap you up in a wholesome embrace. That's not to say it won't still get you moving. 

Polo & Pan - Canopée

This track is from the Le Baron residents' 2018 album Caravelle, which tells the story of wild, solar pop music from across the globe. 'Canopée' is one of the few tracks in the album sung in French, as the Anglophiles have found their audience in contemporary French electronics and English lyricism, but it still packs the ultimate punch. Bold percussive patterns carry this track and are the perfect ode to idleness in a world of chaos. 

Thievery Corporation - La Force de Melodie (ft. LouLou Ghelichkhani)

The ultimate crowning jewel in Thievery Corporation's 2018 album Treasures from the Temple takes American lounge music, abstract jazz and embellishes with French lyricism. LouLou's sweetly-spoken words float above a mid-tempo beat which makes the perfect accompaniment to a night in the bath or a Sunday afternoon lazing in bed. 

Burning Peacocks - Ondulation

"Laisse moi, laisse moi / C'est l'ondulation de l'amour" roughly translates to "leave me, leave me / it's the ripple of love" which echoes over and over atop a chirpy beat and soft drums. Sung by Blue Is The Warmest Colour supporting actress Alma Jodorowsky with multi-instrumental support from David Baudart, the Parisian duo achieve ultimate chic.

Ours Samplus & Tour De Manège - Ergonomie transcendantale

Taken from a compilation album lead by French and Canadian beatmaker collective Tour De Manège, 'Ergonomie transcendantale' leads with its oozing jazz instrumentals. You feel lyrics might spoil the stunning flow of vintage soundscapes employed in this track, so no need for your dictionary here. Sit back, relax and let the trumpet solo carry you far, far away.

Jean Tonique & Bleu Platine - Un rêve à deux

Jean Tonique draws influence from 70s funk but manipulates its sounds in his own, organic way. His music is malleable like fresh dough and 9 times out of 10 produces the tastiest, fluffy loaf. 'Un rêve à deux' is one big delicious tiger bread bloomer.

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