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Live review: Maisie Peters @ Komedia Studio, Brighton, 04/03/19


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Returning from supporting Tom Walker on his European tour, the young Maisie Peters charmed the 200-strong crowd of teenage supporters with her soothing vocals and bubbly personality.

Image courtesy of Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters has spent the past nine months pursuing her steadily growing music career. While she gained a following from uploading videos of her original songs onto YouTube, many of her singles have now appeared at the top of the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify building her promising reputation even more.

The small gig, which was set up in a cramped, narrow space underneath a cinema, kicked off Peters’ first ever UK headline tour. The 50-minute set was a celebration of music, not only as a form of entertainment but a craft. Throughout the entirety of the performance Peters’ was accompanied by Christina Hizon, who was constantly either playing the keys, violin and drum pad, even during the gaps in the songs, to add greater depth and atmosphere to the show. 

The show opened with Peters single ‘In My Head’; she bounded onto the stage after having been hovering in the front row. As soon as she faced the crowd a wide grin sparkled across her face, an early hint at the magic we were about to experience. Her presence filled every crevice of, not only the stage but the entire room too.

After a bashful hello and short introduction, she transitioned seamlessly into playing ‘Places We’re Made’: one of her oldest and most popular singles. The whole room began singing and swaying along with the lyrics. This was clearly one that touched many, especially since Peters shared how she grew up nearby, with some of her friends dotted around the audience. It made this, already intimate, gig radiate with love for the blossoming artist.

To further weave Peters’ experience into the music, the young singer-songwriter explained that she wanted to share the story and process behind each song in order to “dispel the magic” and “share the craft”. Clearly aware of her young audience, perhaps with similar dreams to her own, she made the most of retelling these stories in order to make the writing process sound both easy and accessible.

She then played an unreleased song: a mash-up with one of her older songs, ‘Birthday’, and a new one. ‘This is All You’ seemed to resonate with many in the audience as she explained that the song was about going above and beyond for someone, but them not reciprocating. This more upbeat, rich song was a welcome break from some of the deeper ballads, and probably her strongest performance of the night.

Before singing her most recent single, ‘Stay Young’, Peters joked that this was going to be her “last song” – using air quotes to emphasise the live music tradition. After hyping up the crowd with her powerful performance, she took a couple of steps towards the edge of the stage to leave, before turning back to the microphone and asking: “Can we just pretend I went off stage? I’m too clumsy for this!” After some chuckles she then simply asked the audience “Do you want to hear one more?” When she was answered with cheers, the duo began playing ‘Worst of You’ – the perfect closing number.

It may have been a first headline tour, but Peters’ confident attitude exudes expertise, allowing her to hold the entire room within the palm of her hand. It is fair to say that this spellbinding lady has many exciting opportunities ahead.

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