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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 11/03/19


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I got a bit too much enjoyment from writing this article this week.

Something about setting yourself the task of searching for several tracks straight out of the studios prepares you for the week ahead (and gives you a few recommendations for your own monthly playlist, thank you very much, streaming sites). Today, I even missed the bus to work because I got carried away listening to one of these songs, so I hope you find you like them too. (Preferably not in a way that disrupts your daily routine too much!) 

Liily via Prescription PR

Chloe Lilac - Jesus Couldn’t Love Me

I first discovered this artist as number one on Playback’s "Artists to Watch 2019" playlist on Soundcloud, and I think it’s safe to say that Lilac has certainly earnt her way up there. This tune features on her debut EP Manic Pixie Dream and begins with minimal piano chords, gradually building in intensity and adding stunning harmonies and instrumental flourishes as the song continues. The moving lyrics compare love and heartbreak to a drug addiction, which seemingly goes unresolved, leaving the evocations to linger with the listener long after the track is over.


The Black Keys - Lo/Hi

This American rock band have been around since 2001, when they formed in Ohio. 'Lo/Hiis the band’s first song since 2014, but reminds us of the band’s earlier stuff, but with an additional injection of soul. Whilst the song displays a classic carefree American rock style, the female backing singers featured in the single help create a beautiful intersection between these two distinct genres, resulting in one unforgettable bop. 

The Cat Empire - DJ Jumps' Stolen Diamonds Sampler

Something quite different from the rest of the list, this newly-released DJ mix is a condensed version of The Cat Empire’s eighth studio album, Stolen Diamonds. Condensed down from 53 to 16 minutes, this mix demonstrates all the different moods and musical styles in the album, whilst also remaining loyal to their ‘latin party band’ signature sound. The band’s global influences are also demonstrated within this mix, with two tracks in other European languages (one in Spanish and one French). The mastermind behind the mix, DJ Jumps, also performs on the turntables and percussion during the band’s live shows. 

Liily - I Can Fool Anybody in This Town

This particular song is featured on the band’s EP of the same name. Liily has shared in previous interviews that the group feels relieved to finally release the songs in this EP, after performing them for over a year. The song has a distinctive alt-rock flavour and is bursting full of energy. One can only imagine what it’d be like to experience this live, amongst hundreds of manically dancing fans. At a guess, it would likely sum up the song’s energy perfectly. 

Slide - If You Say

'If You Sayis Slide's third single from their debut EP Into Happiness. The Swedish indie-rock duo exudes a laid-back, grungey feel in this particular song, charming listeners with delectable bass grooves. 'If You Say' seems to take the indie style from groups such as The 1975 and take it further to achieve a more futuristic vibe.

Deportees - Bright Eyes

Here we have another track from a Swedish group, but this time the dreamy indie-pop of Deportees. 'Bright Eyes' features beautifully close harmonies infused with subtle autotune. It's cutting edge stuff but remains an easy listen. This is the band’s debut international single, with Deportees being virtually unknown outside of Sweden. Look out for the band’s upcoming EP Re-dreaming, coming out on 17th May. 

Swazi Gold - Tumbleweed

This Australian trio’s creative flair is perfectly encapsulated on the opening track 'Tumbleweedof their debut EP Jehovah’s Whispers. The record was recorded in a single weekend two years ago and displays the friendship between the members of the group, each having written two of the songs that make up the six-track project. 'Tumbleweed' plays with alt-pop synths, over ethereal guitar riffs. Swazi Gold share a love of Nigerian funk, electronics and quirky pop and songs such as 'Tumbleweedseem to depict this wonderful combination of such vastly different genres.   

lennixx - Bad Bird

This duo of Hanna Larsson (younger sister of Zara Larsson) and Andrea Kallström work together to contribute to Stockholm’s urban aesthetic with their effortlessly cool style and soulful groove. Their innovative harmonies are quite unlike what you'd find in today's chart. Nonetheless, 'Bad Bird' is reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s newest record thank u, next; an album and artist that people are going crazy for all over the globe. This seems to speak volumes about what this up-and-coming duo are capable of. 

Sonny - Let Love

This sublime ballad touches on a conversation with the artist and his mother regarding love and relationships. The vulnerability of the lyrics along with the effortless beauty of Sonny’s voice and gentle guitar accompaniment is likely to resonate with many. This single exudes everything needed to create the most moving of ballads. With Sonny's stunning vocals at the track's core, added harmonies, strings and piano take this soaring ballad to new heights as the song builds to an emotional fullness. 

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