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Introducing: Super Inuit


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Super Inuit are an Edinburgh-based ambient electronica duo comprised of Brian Pokora and Fern Morris. Their latest single ‘Tectonic’ is a moody dive into layers of atmospheric reverberation driven by a thunderous, galloping drumbeat which finds its calm centre in vocalist Morris’s poignant yet ambiguous lyrics.

Image courtesy of Super Inuit

The track conveys an uneasy melancholy that never quite settles in one place, always gaining momentum, but never quite releasing it. Its warped feel is backed up by the bizarre and bleak music video where the duo tries on paper animal masks and set off flares under bridges while the frame is intermittently disturbed by VHS grain and twisted visual interference.

The electronica outfit enlisted the help of a filmmaker for the music video of ‘Tectonic’. It’s full of bewildering images and weaves an uncanny mythology. The piece “was directed by Mario Cruzado. He led with all the ideas for the video guided by notes about the lyrical content and examples of shots and colour palettes that we’d collected”.

Having previously released two singles last year, namely ‘Chicane’ and ‘Tessellate’, on the new track the group take a different approach, “‘Tessellate’ and ‘Chicane’ are both based quite firmly around samples, whereas Tectonic came from us jamming on synths without any one particular anchor, which might give it a different feel”.

Super Inuit are from Edinburgh and they’re loyal to the city they call home. They’re unconvinced by those who claim Glasgow is more vibrant – “That’s an argument that’s often made but we’ve never really felt like it’s true. There are so many people working really hard who make Edinburgh a great scene for musicians”. The band mentions some specific artists to look out for who are involved in the local scene, “Bless This Machine, Noise Disco aka Ryan Frame and Wozniak are all making really interesting music”.

Gradually building a reputation for themselves in the city, Super Inuit have a host of gigs on the horizon and even some festivals. Last month they supported Wyvern Lingo and they’re set to open for Annie Booth’s EP launch in May. The duo has got “a few festivals coming up including Doune The Rabbit Hole and Flying Moon over the summer plus a few shows in Edinburgh at Leith Depot and Henry’s Cellar Bar”. As for new material over the course of 2019 they’d “like to think that it won’t be another year until our next single drops, so plans are afoot for our next release”.

Super Inuit's new single 'Tectonic'

The duo’s sound has been christened “glitch pop” by some in the music press, but that doesn’t really go far in explaining the group’s unique approach to electronic music. Although admittedly machine-like in places, there’s always human interest at the tracks’ core as the band explain, “we mostly compose in Ableton Live and we try to make it a rule that at least one element of a track aside from vocals should be “organic”. For example, using objects we have to hand as percussion, or using some sort of hardware synthesiser”. Despite this, there is also a fundamentally low-tech secret ingredient – “We’ll also try to find a space for the Omnichord at any opportunity!

No artist exists in a vacuum, however, and Super Inuit are keen to list their influences as well, which include “Makeness, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Gold Panda”. The duo sees music as a fundamentally communal activity and are eager to place it within the context of other creative forms; they mention that they’ve “previously collaborated with writers and visual artists”.

Brian also plays with another Edinburgh band, Future Get Down who have released two EPs and several singles. Super Inuit was originally intended to be a solo project until Fern lent her voice to one of his beats and a sound described by the band as “that sweet spot where music is both atmospheric and spacious but also engaging” began to develop.

Super Inuit is a duo to look out for, striking the balance between soothing and stimulating in their evocative works. Their new single, ‘Tectonic’ is out now.

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