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Introducing: Hazeydays


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From selling out headline gigs to praise from industry legends, Hazeydays are here and making their mark with their debut single, 'All Part Of The Fun'.  

Image Credit: Sean Myles

The five-piece band (Andrew, Ewan, JD, Jordan and Ronan) from Airdrie, Glasgow, have been playing gigs throughout the city for the past 8 months and have released their first single on March 1st.  

Written by bass guitarist, Ewan, 'All Part of The Fun' is very Blur meets Slaves - dark chords with a happy melody. He told us, “It’s the story of an easygoing yet childish father and husband, with an urge to revisit his youth. Up for a laugh and mischievous, he goes about his business trying to feel optimistic about the society that he lives in. A song inspired by observing the people of Glasgow and of all the characters the city has to offer.

The band’s sound is undeniably quirky, with them crediting a long list of influences from the past five decades as attributes to their sound. Rhythm guitarist, JD, counts influences of “British bands like Oasis, Joy Division & The Beatles...because that’s the first music I started listening to - seeing how working class people like them could make such a name for themselves made me want it myself.”

Drummer, Andrew, adds, “the first band I saw live was a Canadian band called Rush, they heavily influenced me and got me into the drums. I got into it thinking it’s mental how the idea of timing in drumming and music is like a science in itself.  Queens of the Stone Age too - both bands have some of the best drums ever."

Although the band have been heavily influenced by so many genres, singer Ronan makes it clear that Hazeydays are carving out their own space, “I think we want to just create a new type of scene something different from what we have in these punk bands that are emerging”. 

Talking about what first got the boys into music, it’s obvious that for most of the band their passion started from a young age. Lead guitarist Jordan speaks fondly of his father, “My Dad gave me a shot of this old electric guitar he had at the time, when I was a kid.  I loved it, even though I ended up breaking it."

For JD, it ran in the family too; “My uncle was in a band so when I was younger I used to watch them practise in awe.  All these big massive people making so much noise - it was something I wanted to do. Then my Gran bought me my first guitar and I started taking lessons.” Ewan’s passion began at a young age too; “I was about 10 and seen a guitar in a shop window - I begged my Mum for it.  Got it for Xmas and then played Smoke On The Water for about 4 years before I got lessons."

For Andrew, on the other hand, his drum career only took off by chance.  When his friend didn’t turn up for drum lessons in primary 7 he was chosen to take his place instead… and the rest is history. 

From their first gig back in July 2018, the boys have come along way, recently playing in a local festival and being asked to support Glass Caves as part of their Trilogy Tour.  JD and Jordan both agree that that first gig was still their best though, “it wasn’t the tightest we’ve played but I’ll never forget the feeling I had when we went into the opening tune that night”.

So what does the future hold for the boys? “Any situation where it could be done full time. I’d say obviously gain more popularity, play bigger shows etc. but I want to see where we can take things musically, be a band that isn’t afraid to explore and challenge ourselves with our music”.

Listen to Hazeyday's debut single 'All Part Of The Fun' now.

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