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Hear This: The Drums - 626 Bedford Avenue


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The Drums' first release from their upcoming album, Brutalism was January's 'Body Chemistry' whose themes of running away from social pressures towards the catchy rhyming couplet of "glass of wine" and "quality time" were backed with relentless bass and slick electric riffs. '626 Bedford Avenue' is less hedonistic and gives voice to the regret of a single moment in space and time.

Image Credit: Umberto Rotundo via Flickr

The titular avenue finds its terminus in the tentative imperative, "take a good look at yourself" directed at a retrospective romance versus vocalist Jonny Pierce's previous cry out to "everyone" in 'Body Chemistry'. Here "I should have left when you laughed at my shoes" is emblematic of the bootless relationship described. 

The tune follows the band's previous surf-pop style and the album's bicoastal roots, having been written and recorded in-between Upstate New York and Stinson Beach and uses underwater sound effects. These give the listener a sense that the singer is submerged and that his fixation is a kind of immersion, reflected in the line, "But I keep on coming back". This lyric is reiterated in the main vocals towards the track's close as the rest of the song tidally retreats from the beach to a more urban style. 

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