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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 18/02/19


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The week anchored by Valentine’s Day saw a whole host of new releases. From upbeat pop tracks, anti-love punk anthems to emotional ballads, there's something for everyone. Have a read of this week’s curated collection of the freshest tunes exploring the curious phenomenon that is love.  

Hot Dreams, courtesy of Longevity PR 

Hot Dreams – California 

London indie quartet Hot Dreams' latest track is the hazy laid-back single 'California'. It’s a soothing effort that undulates between picking up pace and power and sweeping back into a familiar nostalgia. “'California’ is about growing up and moving on. It’s a simple yet heartfelt letter about breaking up and realising the value in independence,” says the band. It’s an atmospheric and emotional track that showcases the talent of a very promising band. 

Picture This – Modern Love

The latest single from Irish alt-pop four-piece is a celebratory anthem praising the notion of love. The chorus of the track, “We are modern lovers/And we can’t get enough”, sung by lead singer, Ryan Hennessy, is a triumphant and refreshing tribute to the bliss of being in love.  The single is the eponymous track of their second album, MDRN LV, following up from 2017’s Picture This. The band will be touring the UK later this year after two dates in March in Birmingham and Manchester. 

Kian – Childism

At the tender age of 16, it is astonishing that Australian singer Kian is able to produce the work he does. His songs are moving and poignant, elevated by his mature voice which captures the emotion of his words perfectly. His latest track, ‘Childism’ in his words, is about “young people feeling like they don’t have a place in society and we’re stuck in the middle”. It’s a thought-provoking track that utilises the soothing melodies that Kian has mastered in his work. He is definitely one to watch for 2019 and beyond. 

Big Wild (feat. Rationale) – 6’s to 9’s 

Big Wild has truly outdone himself with this uplifting 80s fuelled nostalgia track. The song is heartwarming, powerful and brimming with pure happiness. The track is taken the Massachusetts-bred artist’s debut album Superdream. The funk inspired song’s name is “a reference to having your world flipped upside down when the infatuation from love seems to take over your life”.

Vök – In the Dark

'In the Dark' is the title track from Icelandic electro-pop trio Vök’s upcoming second album, due out in March. The song is a quirky, ethereal anthem about the need to toughen up in order to endure the highs and lows of love and life. Margrét Ran’s commanding vocals lend the track a dream-like quality without losing any power or sense of immediacy. It is an impressive single that sets expectations high for the forthcoming album. 

Club Kuru – Cherry Blossom 

‘Cherry Blossom’ is an intriguing genre blending experiment. It’s a soothing, swooning endeavour into the untapped psych-pop genre. The track is taken from their forthcoming second record, due out in Spring later this year. Their debut LP last year Giving In was experimental but it appears they are taking it further this time around with layered textures, intricate production and 60s and 70s influences. It’s a wonderful combination of technical innovation and old school rhythms.  

 Tommy Genesis – I’m Yours 

Canadian rising star Tommy Genesis’ ‘I’m Yours’ is a fun follow up to her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. “I wanted to release something cute for Valentine’s Day,” she says of the track. “This song is for my fans to enjoy before I begin my God Is Wild Tour!”. Genesis is due to embark on her first headline tour on 20th February after previously supporting Dua Lipa across North America. The track is sensual and yearning whilst boasting an infectiously melodic hook. 

Potty Mouth – Starry Eyes

The LA-based trio has released their latest single ‘Starry Eyes’ ahead of their upcoming album SNAFU, due out 1st March. The track is a soothing, carefree pop-punk addition to the impressive discography of Potty Mouth. The charming, 90s feel of the song is elevated by lead singer Abby Weem’s vocal prowess. She sings, “You’ve got starry eyes/ You’re my favourite waste of time,” in the chorus, beautifully capturing that post-breakup nostalgia. It’s the perfect anti-love Valentine’s song for a holiday that can be saturated with soppiness. 

Katie MAC – Heartless

Nashville’s up and coming star Katie MAC’s latest single is the upbeat track, ‘Heartless’, which captures the painful nostalgia of falling in and out of love. It’s an unconventional love song that is spurred on by fresh production and Katie’s killer vocals. The track is Katie’s fourth release, having only broken onto the music scene just 18 months ago, but it certainly bodes well!

Jamie Lawson – The Answer

Jamie Lawson is back with a heart-warming, wholesome track set to redeem everyone’s faith in love. After the wild success of heart-breaking track ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ in 2016, Lawson is back, bringing his powerful, romantic vocals to his latest track, ‘The Answer’. It’s a sweet and charming declaration of the stabilities and contentment a loving relationship can bring. It is certainly more upbeat for Lawson who said, “what I thought might be a tender love song transformed into a fun, indie bop!” The track is taken from Lawson’s upcoming 5th album, due out 29th March. 

Tacocat – Grains of Salt 

Seattle based band Tacocat’s latest track is the upbeat, quirky ‘Grains of Salt’ taken from their upcoming 4th album, This Mess is a Place, due out on 3rd May. The song has been released with an accompanying video featuring a variety of Seattle’s drag acts. Tacocat’s latest album is a response to the divisive 2016 US presidential election. The band manages to integrate political critiques within their punky fun-filled tracks that aim to challenge the inequalities in American society. 

Gemma Ray – Death Tapes 

Gemma Ray’s latest track is a dark, brooding, Lana del Rey-esque inquiry into love and death. It’s a layered, intricate track that showcases Essex-born but Berlin-based Ray’s harrowing vocal prowess. The powerful, cinematic song was released with an accompanying video directed by Berlin comic book artist Ziska Riemann. ‘Death Tapes’ is a morbid existential track showcasing gothic sensibilities. It was the last pre-release from her latest album Psychogeology, which was released last Friday. 

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