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Hear This: Nick Mulvey - Moment of Surrender


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Nick Mulvey has released his new single 'Moment of Surrender' this month, a cover of U2's original track, which is featured on their album No Line on the Horizon.

Nick Mulvey - Moment of Surrender

The album's concept originally contained hymns which could transcend time and that underline the lyrics unravelling the faith crisis of a drug addict. Mulvey's cover retains the same call and response, gospel style with paralleling lines "playing with fire / Until the fire played with me" and "It's not if I believe in love / If love believes in me". However, he reverts this into a style more akin to African gospel, inspired by his study of ethnomusicology at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Mulvey transforms the song into an intimate confession within a campfire community, with crescendos of guitar rhythms and bongos retaining U2's uneven percussion beat. The tune resembles a return to "the rhythm of my soul", as though Mulvey's breath itself is flowing into it and being "released from control" of the body.

Mulvey supplements the piano and organ interlude within the original version with high guitar riffs that are repeated in two breaks amidst the patterned chord progressions. There is a natural rhythm oozing throughout the lyrics: a sequence of reciprocity where human meets a state of unconsciousness that is breaking away from "passers-by".

Listen to Nick Mulvey's spiritual take on the U2 hit now.

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