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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 11/02/19


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With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, here’s something slightly different to wrap your heart around. From electronic synth beats to poetic lyricism we’ve curated the week’s best music from your new favourite artists.


SLANG, image courtesy of WMA

SLANG – Every Weekend

Channelling the street poetry rap of The Streets and Jamie T, UK rapper and producer SLANG recently dropped his new single ‘Every Weekend’. The track features witty, original lyrics and melodic flow, complete with hip hop beats and an instantly memorable chorus.  ‘Every Weekend’ is infused with an indie sensibility in line with a unique take on debauched nights out with friends.

Bayonne – Same

Ahead of the release of his new album Drastic Measures on 22nd February, Texan musician Bayonne shares his dreamy latest single ‘Same’. With an orchestral, drifting texture, the track’s lifting composition matches endearing lyricism. Bayonne states that the track is “mostly about the craft of making music and the experience involved with it [...] I basically was writing it as I was going along to capture the raw feelings and insecurities that can occur when writing music”.

APRE – Gap Year 2008

With an acoustic guitar background reminiscent of Ben Howard, London duo APRE show their experimentation in new single ‘Gap Year 2008’. Switching between edgier and softer riffs, the track sounds much more raw and investigative than their previous singles as the band continue to search for their true sound. ‘Gap Year 2008’ is a confident first step into 2019, with a familiar indie vibe that doesn’t feel recycled.

Seafret – Loving You

Seafret released their stunning new single ‘Loving You’ on 8th February, accompanied by an emotive video documenting love and isolation. Much like its themes, the piano fronted single almost feels sparse and desolate at times as the East Yorkshire duo keep the sparse, raw quality of what was originally a voice-recorded memo.  

Anna of the North – Leaning on Myself

As so much more than a sought-out collaboration artist (for Tyler the Creator and HONNE to name a few), Anna of the North returns with her own distinctive reflection on self-love with new single ‘Leaning on Myself’. As the Scandi-pop songstress's vocals echo through a minimal soundscape, the track feels simultaneously restrained and emotionally charged, whilst the accompanying video follows a mystical Anna Lotterud in the desert decked out with both angel wings and elf ears.

Jackie Charles – Time Travel

Jackie Charles ponders themes of escapism in the new single ‘Time Travel’. With an omnipresent drum beat and strange, interesting sounds, the track simultaneously captures an expansive yet breezy soundscape. The band’s songwriting continually combines the 1980s goth angst of The Cure with the heart-breaking vulnerability of Alvvays, to create, in this instance, a summer soundtrack of nostalgic memories.

Sistertalk – Vitriol

With a genre-bending sound, Sistertalk exhibit experimental punk-electronica on debut single ‘Vitriol’. Speaking about the single, frontman Gabriel Levy says, “I wanted to write something from the perspective of the jaded performer – someone who’s tired of folded arms, half-empty rooms and mid-set walks to the bar”­ – and, as they fast become one of the most talked about new bands in London due to their incendiary live performances, they seem to be preventing just that.

ViVii – Love Love Love

Oozing Valentine’s Day vibes, Sweden’s ViVii craft a rich dreamy haze in new single ‘Love Love Love’. With effervescent melodies and unique vocals, the homage to romance stems from producer Anders Eckeborn “recording a melody on his phone right before his daughter was born”.  The single is set to feature on the trio’s eponymous debut album, released on 15th March.

Holiday Ghosts – Just a Feeling

Swinging between bluesy pop and indie tendencies, new single ‘Just a Feeling’ by Holiday Ghosts is the third track taken from the album due on 15th February. Influenced by acts such as Modern Lovers and The Velvet Underground, their stripped back primitive style of rock 'n' roll makes for a refreshing, bouncy track as they pursue stylistic diversity.

Jesse MacCormack – No Love Go

Accompanied by a mesmerisingly moody video with striking choreography, ‘No Love Go’ is the latest single from Montreal singer-songwriter Jesse MacCormack. With technicolour vividness both the song and its video mimic a message around the fragility and flow of relationships, whilst synth instrumentation offers a nostalgic influence. His upcoming album Now is said to be “a work of ardent kaleidoscopic art-rock that is at once a dazzling premiere and the culmination of a meticulous five-year evolution”.

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