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These are the UK's hotspots for music, performing & visual arts


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New figures have been published via that more than £20 million is being pumped into the UK’s booming creative industries. Whether it be for attracting new talent, scaling up businesses, improving skills or providing education, this funding ultimately helps pinpoint the UK’s hotspots for music and arts.

Spanning across the UK, British creative industries made a record contribution to the economy. In 2018 this figure was £101 billion. This comes as no surprise considering the UK's output in music, film, television, radio, performing arts and photography across the cultural spectrum.

Using the ‘Creative Nations’ interactive tool, have identified areas across the UK which have an above average specialism within creative industries, those with the highest rate of employment and those with the greatest level of commerce. They discovered that the following six towns and cities had the highest specialised employment in music, performing & visual arts:

London (50,250 employees), Guildford & Aldershot (4,405), Brighton (1,770), Leamington Spa (1,475), Cardiff (1,370) and Eastbourne (1,323).

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Unsurprisingly, London has the highest number of business with an above average number of 14,420, and thus, more employees; yet whether it be through business, listening to vinyl or Spotify, or attending gigs at local venues, music, amongst its other creative cohorts play a pivotal role in day to day life across the country. Regional variety is echoed in the top towns and cities with the highest opportunities in music, performing & visual arts with the most businesses with an above average specialisation, including:

London (14,420), Brighton (658), Guildford & Aldershot (523), High Wycombe & Aylesbury (408), Tunbridge Wells (288) and Cardiff with 238.

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