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Playlist: Rejuvenation


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It's Rejuvenation Month for Team Beauty at The National Student! This month we will be diving into skincare and filling you guy in on the best products and techniques to give you that New Year glow!

This week, Music Editor Caitlin Clark has put together the ultimate playlist to help listeners feel rejuvenated physically as well as mentally! 


The start of a New Year means something different to everyone; a chance to get more active or take up that yoga class you've been putting off, buy more music or take better care of your skin. Alternatively, it can have absolutely no significance whatsoever.

Whatever your resolution (or not) January is a great time to remind yourself of how great you are and how to properly look after yourself; to rejuvenate and replenish; nourish and care. Alongside your daily routine (whether it be new or well-established) we've put together a luscious playlist to soundtrack your self-care.

From contemporary soul to sweet, tropical reggae, stick these tunes on your playlist to rejuvenate the mind, soul and spirit.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Tom Misch - Lost in Paris (feat. Goldlink)

Tom Misch's silky take on contemporary jazz is only buffered by Goldlink's unfaltering flow. 'Lost in Paris' will set you free in the New Year and see you rise from the ashes like the beautiful phoenix you are. 

Rex Orange County - Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)

Boasting the best of twinkly piano, synth strings and elegant vocals, 'Loving is Easy' is nourishment for the mind and soul. Whack this on while you're soaking in those Christmas pressie bubble baths. 

Still Woozy - Goodie Bag 

A song not too dissimilar to a pig wrapped in a beautiful bacon blanket (yes I'm still eating them in January), 'Goodie Bag' may seem one dimensional, but it's complex layers suit any occasion. During a face mask, walking through the park or for hiding away from the bitter cold outside. 

Hollie Cook - Survive 

Hollie Cook is the songstress of heartbreak and rebirth. Written from a place of personal turmoil, 'Survive' is a "New Year, New Me" anthem that even the most anti-resolution-maker can get on board with. Tropical reggae flavour with a dash of brand spanking new. 

Burning Peacocks - Ondulation 

If you're looking to rejuvenate your dancing soul, Parisian duo Burning Peacocks are here to ease you in softly and steadily. The track's effortlessly cool production swells and shrinks wonderfully in time with the vocals and makes 'Ondulation' a perfect soundtrack for revitalising your moves.

Cautious Clay - Cold War

A steady, slinky Sunday morning jam, 'Cold War' ticks all the right boxes for a self-care routine soundtrack. Spend that extra ten minutes in bed, and let Cautious Clay's mesmeric vocals take you far, far away.

Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You

"Why don't you just let go?" Cleo asks us in her trademark sweet yet rich voice. 'Why Don't You' is a siren call to move on, let bygones be bygones and focus on you, in whatever way you want to be. 

TSHA - Sacred

Very minimal vocals are needed in TSHA's new single 'Sacred'; it definitely speaks for itself. A chiming, melody-driven electronic production is invigorating in its style and makes a fitting backing track to an afternoon of productivity. 

Laura Misch - I Adore

However you choose to re-energise yourself in 2019, do it with 'I Adore' on in the background. The criminally underrated saxophonist and producer from London has achieved something wonderful in this song, and is a clever reminder not to forget how to love.

Nightmares On Wax - You Wish

Starry, magical music for relaxing and reviving the spirit used up over the festive period. Nightmares On Wax are a must on any New Year playlist, and this is no exception. 

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