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Playlist: Alternative New Year's Eve


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Throwing your own NYE bash? Sick of the all-too-familiar chimes signalling the beginning of 'Dancing In The Moonlight'? Prefer a playlist less family function, more 4am afters? Not to worry, we have got you covered with our alternative playlist, perfect for any function with good taste.

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Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time

Taken from their 2013 album, 'Borrowed Time' is the momentous earworm guitar hook and quick-paced, no-frills percussion loaded with high-octane fun. It'll keep the momentum going throughout the night, and with their literally being borrowed time towards the end of 2018, you might as well make the most of it.

PJ Harvey - 50ft Queenie

2018 has been all about women, and what better way to continue it into 2019 with one of the most iconic females in music? A tune to quite literally make you feel like king/queen of the world, the fuzz-soaked '50ft Queenie' will get pulses rising, as your alcohol intake rises. If you're feeling internalised anger at events in 2018, '50ft Queenie' will embody it and turn it into liberation. 2019, go get it.

FIDLAR - Cheap Beer 

The Project X of alternative music,  this slice of West Coast is perfect for seeing out 2018 in a nihilistic, yet ludicrous style. It's the end of the year, we're cash-strapped after the festive season and we're drinking cheap beer, and what? Drink it in style, full of post-adolescent hedonistic rage, with this dynamic track by FIDLAR.


Joy Division - Disorder

Who said melancholic music has to be downbeat? Joy Division are a band that encapsulates melancholy the most, yet in 'Disorder' it's disguised by it's grooving up-tempo bass and atmospheric drum machine. If you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, but still want to get up and dance, 'Disorder' is your companion, guiding you by the hand into 2019.

IDLES - Danny Nedelko

2018 has been a year full of injustices when it comes to marginalised social groups in British society, so why not kickback from the negativity with a sense of unity? IDLES' track from their critically acclaimed album Joy As An Act Of Resistance is a song about love and togetherness, which is exactly what we need entering into 2019. So grab your loved ones and yell "UNITY!" at the top of your lungs.

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

Is it really an alternative playlist without Kim Gordon and co? Everything about Sonic Youth's most iconic track oozes cool from the galvanising guitar riff to Chuck D's guest appearance and Gordon's purr of "I mean are you gonna liberate us girls from male white coporate oppression?". 2018 has been the feminist bastion, so see it out with a tune that attacks the patriarchy.

Fontaines D.C. - Boys In The Better Land

This band of Irish troubadeurs are ones to watch in 2019, with their slice of youthful punk. Stick some fresh talent into your playlist for a fresh new year. "If you're a Rock Star, Porn Star, Superstar, doesn't matter what you are / Get yourself a good car, get outta here". Not happy with how 2018 went, start 2019 with new ambitions.

Dream Wife - Let's Make Out

The perfect song to grab your New Year's kiss to from one of the standout acts of 2018, the battleaxe heroines Dream Wife. As the opening sugar coated 'coos' culminate into a raucous interplay of Rakell Mjoll's shrieks and fervent guitars, 'Let's Make Out' gives you the fierceness you needed to enter into the unknown territories of 2019.

Pixies - Dancing The Manta Ray

An alternative to the Macarena, pioneers of alternative 80s music Pixies bring you 'Manta Ray'. It's not quite clear what the actual dance routine of the Manta Ray consists of, but questionable dance moves are a must on New Year, so get your worst ones out.

HMLTD - To The Door

A bit more up-tempo with more electronic and new-wave influence, 'To The Door' round its circus of listeners up into a frenzy and is perfect for getting the atmosphere more electrified. HMLTD have had a steady rise in 2018 with their eccentric blend of pop-rock and 'To The Door' perfectly captures the energy of their live shows. Inject a bit of their energy into your playlist for a freakishly good New Year's party.

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