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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 24/12/2018


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Festive spirits are in full swing, and though the release of singles has been steady this week, the calibre sure isn't. Whether you want a new artist to rally your motivation the new year, or you simply want to hear something other than songs that contain the word 'Chr**tmas', we've got you covered.

 Wet Dreams via Prescription PR

Wet Dreams - Bad Boy

Oslo-punks Wet Dreams rip-roar into a raucous attack of dirty, high-octane guitar riffs, and fervent growls of anarchy in latest single 'Bad Boy'. For fans of bands such as FIDLAR, their newest release is just begging for pints of warm lager flung over the shoulder in momentary, abated outrage. It comes with the announcement of their debut self-titled album which will be released on 29th March via Black Pop Records. It's got more of a kick than a double espresso.

Kean Kavagnah - Coca Cola Sky

You may know Kean Kavanagh as the co-founder of Soft Boy Records, the Heisenberg behind the decks of  Kojaque and Luka Palm, or lending his stirring soulful tones to Kojaque's 'Eviction Notice'. But with his first independent single 'Coca Cola Sky', Kavanagh takes the mic, and the spotlight with three minutes of soulful-hedonistic goodness. It's a song about the way love feels brings about a feeling of intimacy to all the good aspects of life - "Baby when you're near me I feel like I'm in ecstasy."


Cleaning Women - We Work It Out

Bored of the conventional guitar, bass, voice, drums setup? How about a band comprised completely from cleaning utensils such as a plastic bucket and a laundry rack? Good news, Cleaning Women exist and they're back with their first album in 10 years on 15th March. 'We Work It Out' is the first single released and is an endlessly humorous, "intergalactically fresh", and strangely danceable track, as they manipulate their DIY percussion to make you march to the beat of their plastic bucket.


Red Rum Club - Angeline

The latest single from Liverpool based sextet, Red Rum Club exults a tale of raw regret of a lost lover, from the perspective of the pining party. Backed by powerful mariachi brass, lead singer Fran Dorman croons, "She left me blue for places greener", expressing the disconnectedness between him and his lost love. The band are to release their new album Matador on Modern Sky records.

Children Of The State - How Right You Are

On 'How Right You Are', Sheffield five-piece Children Of The State, release a glittering new ballad of love and loss, delivered in vocals injected with something of the Gallagher brothers' swagger. Despite only one EP in their discography (Kill Your Darlings) the band have received the airplay seal of approval from Steve Lamacq, and have created quite a stir in the guitar music gig scene. If bands like DMAS or The Courteneers are your cup of well-brewed tea, then these guys are for you.

Bellhouse - Coping 

Swedish pop-artist Bellhouse, aka Emma-Lee Anderson, returns with a beautiful and sentimental new ballad 'Coping', which touches on the subject of breaking away from suffocating and toxic relationships in the most graceful way. The soft, melancholic piano is set off by atmospheric drum machine machines, as Thompson delivers such lyrics as "I need to not need you".

Sundara Karma - The Changeover

'The Changeover' sees Sundara Karma take on a new form of being, with its down-tempo balladry, that sounds like it could soundtrack the departure scene in a rom-com. It's taken from the band's second album, Ulfilas' Alphabet, which is out 1st March 2019 on Chess Club/RCA Records. The track introspectively looks on the sometimes terrifying concept of radical change, which has permeated cultural and political discourse this year. Oscar Pollock exhibits the height of his vocal ability and the band takes a more mature angle, departing from the glitter-drenched indie that permeated their debut.

Summer Heart - Touch

Much like his work of recent, ‘Touch’ sits in that woozy R&B-pop world the Swedish artist has created for himself. Lyrically it touches on the alienation of losing touch with the mainstream; according to the multi-instrumentalist behind the project, David Alexander, "Doing music can definitely make you feel like an outsider from time to time, so I guess that’s where this idea is coming from in the first place." Taking inspiration from the likes of Toro Y Moi and Animal Collective, the new single plays with pulsing keys and a warped bassline, giving it a warm and vibrant glow as it swoons us from start to finish.

Martha- Heart Is Healing

County Durham DIY band Martha return with 'Heart Is Healing', which sounds like it could be a single straight from The Only Ones' discography. It's a snappy, playful and a not so infuriatingly catchy tune, with an intensely nostalgic sound of 70s classic rock. The track beautifully exhibits the way the band embody everything sweet and charming in music and refuses the notion that with heartbreak one must feel bitterness and dejection, instead "I just keep on running from it all".

Eat More Cake (feat. River) - Bang Bang Bang

Eat More Cake are a DJ/production/songwriting collective from Harrow, whose sound incorporates elements of dance, chillout and hip hop. The honey-sweet tones of River are complemented by the muted electronica of the Eat More Cake collective, as she sings, "You can be the vampire draining all the life out, I'll be the sidekick wonders what you're on about".

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