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8 Christmas gift ideas for the music lover in your life


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As you may have noticed, Christmas is coming around faster than a derailed freight train carrying ten tonnes of heavy coal, and I don't know about you, but I haven't bought a damn thing. 

But fear not! While putting off purchasing my own family members nice gifts (sorry, guys) I've been looking out for the best Christmas gifts that will fill your music loving friends and family with glee. Whether they're a classical purist or pop princess, I've trawled through the internet's deepest, darkest and most cavernous holes for the best gems.

And don't worry, this list does not include a single keyboard tie. Promise. 

1. Soundasleep Pillow, £50

Image Credit: Soundasleep

Now, £50 may seem a bit steep for a present, especially when you have to weigh up paying £1.50 for a loaf of bread, but this pillow could really be worth it. Compatible with Bluetooth, Spotify, Apple Music, Headspace and Calm, the Soundasleep can lull you into a dreamy nights sleep with meditative guidance or ambient noise, or provide some late night tunes from your favourite artists. It's also supposed to help stop snorers, which is a bonus if your gift receiver is a proper loud mouth. 

2. Literally anything from Dorothy, prices vary

USA song map from

Dorothy have an amazing collection of music-related goodies for the sophisticated music lover. The UK based art studio produces conceptual prints, products and a range of artworks that are sold and also exhibited across the world. From gorgeous blue and gold printed maps of the evolution of hip-hop to collections of psychedelic-themed stamps; these are gift ideas for the culturally-minded.

Peruse their amazing artwork here.

3. Personalised Soundwave Keyring, £17

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There's something particularly endearing about the idea of holding the soundwave of your favourite track next to the keys to your home. Mixpixie share my soppy sentimentality, creating exact physical soundwave models of your chosen song out of steel infused with PLA, which is then hand-polished and sanded. This is a perfectly reasonably priced pressie for a friend or lover, sprinkled with that extra personal touch.

Buy it here.

4. Album Art Book, £18.95

Image Credit: Thames & Hudson

Sometimes, one of the best things about an album is its artwork. Rather than trying desperately to figure out which remastered David Bowie vinyl to buy your dad, why not get him the in-depth stories from the brains behind his artwork instead? Album Art profiles 33 designers at the very tippy top of the artwork movement, who discuss their creative processes, working with artists, and exclusive insights into creating a memorable face for a memorable record. If your recipient is more into aesthetically pleasing coffee table books, then they'll find plenty of beautiful sleeve designs to peruse as well. 

Buy it here.

5. Rock On Headphone Stand, £14.99

Image Credit: The Fowndry

Let's face it: over-ears are way cooler than in-ears, and what better way to make your over-ears look *even cooler* than with this ridiculously over-the-top but actually amazing headphone stand? At just under 15 quid, this is the perfect perch for your music merch and a fantastically shiny gold addition to your shrine to the gods of rock n' roll. 

Buy it here.

6. Kitty's First Turntable, £15

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I heard da ladiez like musicians...DJ's count too, right?! #willielove #piratedj #djwillie #djpirate #catturntable

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This is a pressie less for your music-loving mate, and more for your music-loving mate who is also obsessed with their cat. This cardboard mixing deck-shaped scratch mat comes with a spinnable deck and posable arm for extra paw-someness. I mean, why not?

Buy it here.

7. Daftpunk Puzzle, $45

Image Credit:

There's something very Christmassy about sitting on the floor in your living room, halfway to tipsy with half a mince pie hanging out of your mouth, trying to finish a giant puzzle. But instead of trying (and failing) to complete the same boring rainforest picture year on year, help a friend out with a homage to their favourite French electro duo. 

Buy it here.

8. 2 months of Readly, £1.99

Image courtesy of Readly

Readly is basically Spotify for magazines. The Swedish-based company host over 3,000 magazine titles with a brilliant Music section, perfect for audiophiles looking to get the latest news without using up valuable paper. Titles can be downloaded and read offline and with their Christmas offer of 2 months of unlimited use for £1.99, this is a present that will last long into the New Year. After the 2 months discount, the usual monthly fee is £7.99 which is important to remember if your budget can't stretch further than a couple of quid.

Check out their Music section and buy a subscription here. 

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