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Hear This: Orville Peck - Big Sky


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The mysterious masked cowboy, Orville Peck, tells a terrible tale in his Western-inspired outlaw anthem.

Image Credit: Carlos Santolalla

Imagine if Cormac McCarthy’s novels had their own soundtrack. A dark, lulling ambience that unfolds in an inevitably gory end, confused relationships, death and love and loss – Orville manages to encompass all this in a mere three and a half minutes in his debut single ‘Big Sky’. His understated American country croons peep through the dusty orange-rose desert planes, carrying a campfire lullaby for tired gamblers, outlaws and lovesick hustlers. Brash banjo strums cut through washes of warm, desert winds to give a strange urgency to Orville’s lament over his recent experiences with an abusive boxer, an aloof boxer and an over-protective jailor in Florida Keys.   

Orville Peck has a three-date residency lined up in London next year, where he’ll be performing at Islington, the Servant Jazz Quarters and The Shacklewell Arms.

We'll find out more news about his highly anticipated debut album later in the New Year, but for now, lose your inhibitions with your unexpected anti-hero in ‘Big Sky’.

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