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Sun Silva hits the Camden Assembly on Radio 1's Hopscotch Tour


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Alongside acts APRE and Kawala, London’s indie four-piece Sun Silva took the stage at the Camden Assembly Friday night to showcase new material in a wildly impressive set as part of BBC Radio One’s Hopscotch Tour. 

Image courtesy of Sun Silva

With their first release, a single titled ‘Blue Light’, finding heaps of success as a featured track in FIFA 19, Sun Silva just feel like they’re on their way to indie stardom. Their set at the Camden Assembly this past weekend highlighted the group’s evocative stage presence as well as their repertoire of great sounds beyond their first track.

Collectively, Sun Silva finds comfort on stage, but it’s lead singer Oscar Gormley that truly captures the audience. With a range that had me momentarily question if his vocals were pre-recorded (they weren’t), and the emotion in his lyrics to back it all up, Gormley is the front man that every indie band wishes they had. 

'Blue Light' is more than just a catchy melody with an addictive chorus; it's a culturally relevant track that makes a statement about our addiction to the cell phones and the blue light that it emits. 

While their first release is arguably the most anthemic of the selection that they played, I’m happy to say that Sun Silva’s other material is just as strong if not stronger. When a band only has one track out, it’s hard to know what to expect from a live show, but I was pleasantly surprised by both the range of their follow-up tunes and the execution of them. 

Some songs followed a head-bopping, chilled out dance beat, whilst others picked up the energy as basslines from Sam Becker pushed the pace (particularly in the unnamed track transitioned to during the outro of 'Blue Light'). Early into their set, the band announced another new song titled ‘Just a Romantic’, which was refreshingly danceable, with traces of early MGMT and a touch of nu-disco influence.

One key element found in nearly all of the songs played by Sun Silva was the prominence of a catchy synth riff.  Carried by keyboardist Charlie Woof-Byrne, these not only helped give the band's tracks life, but invoked a sense of nostalgia while still offering something completely fresh to the indie soundscape. 

Sun Silva are young as a band, but that's not to say that the members themselves are inexperienced as musicians. The group met 3 years ago while studying at the Royal Music Academy and their backgrounds as classically trained musicians show in droves. Their first single being signed to FIFA and a tour following shortly after their success is undoubtedly impressive, but even more so when you consider the fact that they’re still an unsigned act.

Give their first single, ‘Blue Light’ a quick listen and keep your ears to the ground for Sun Silva’s promising follow-ups.

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