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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 19/11/2018


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From gritty punk straight from the heart of the Irish to atmospheric synth-pop from the perspective of a bitter widow, we’ve got you covered for your walks in the Baltic November climate. 

Grab your earphones and stick this week’s best new releases in your playlist.

Gazel via Sonic PR 

Fontaines D.C. - Too Real

Fontaines D.C. are ones to watch this year, with their gritty-post punk style delivered with a deadpan Irish flair. ‘Too Real’ exudes a narrative of discontent in a deadpan vocal style akin to Mark E. Smith, against a background of contorted looping guitars, reflecting a feeling of disillusionment that characterises a lot of British guitar music at the moment.

Joe Thompson - Boys Don't Talk

Exploring the narrative of toxic-masculinity and male mental health, Joe Thompson releases his latest single, the moving ‘Boys Don’t Talk’. With brooding synths against the naively pure vocals of Thompson, it captures the feelings of isolation and loneliness often projected by toxic masculinity. 'Boys Don't Talk' crescendos into an anthemic interplay of upbeat electronica, allowing Thompson to reach out a hand of support to those struggling. Dichotomised against the voice clips of Theresa May’s speech on mental health funding, the song raises questions on the sincerity of the Post-Brexit Government.

HMLTD - Flex ft. Xvoto.Delete

Over their short career, the London based band HMLTD have become notorious as one of the most arresting visual live bands on the UK scene, with their barrage of electro driven shock-pop. Their latest single ‘Flex’ is no anomaly, crashing and smashing with heavy synths, hip-hop style beats, and sensual vocals courtesy of Jazz from Xvoto.Delete. You can catch them supporting Shame next week on their UK headline tour.

The Japanese House - Follow my Girl

Following the release of ‘Lilo’, ‘Follow My Girl’ is as beautifully ethereal as we have come to expect from Amber Bain - the heart and soul of pseudonym-named outfit The Japanese House. It's the second to be released from her forthcoming debut album Good At Falling, which is set to be released on the 1st March of next year. On her latest track, Bain’s dreamy vocals, are complimented against tropical and airy electronics, transporting you right back into the breezy days of summer.

The Desert - Distract Me

An atmospheric build-up of delicate instrumentation against poignant vocals cumulates into a climax of electronic tones, like a hybrid of Massive Attack and Portishead. With lyrics such as "Don’t distract me like I’m a novelty", 'Distract Me' evokes a feeling of being manipulated and scarred in love. The new single is taken from the Bristol-based four-piece's forthcoming EP - one which we're very, very much looking forward to. 

William The Conqueror - The Curse Of Friends

Like his royal namesake, William the Conqueror have achieved enormous success this year, with their raw and sorrowful lyrics driven by blues and dark Americana. ‘The Curse Of Friends’ is the second teaser track from their upcoming album due to be released in February 2019. It’s a song about a leopard trying to change its spots, creating an atmosphere of fond but distanced nostalgia, as Ruarri Joseph expresses “But your history aint’ my future” in his gruff, mellow tones.

Louise Lemón - Not Enough

Atmospheric, hushed tones leaning on influences from Fleetwood Mac contrast against Louise’s ethereal vocals to create a moving reflection on frustration in love in her latest single 'Not Enough'. Penned as the new voice of death-gospel, Lemón notes that "'Not Enough' is a song about staying in a relationship that you know already ended. When you're in something so destructive but still just can't let go." The track comes from the highly anticipated forthcoming album A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart, set to be released in March 2019.

Slide - Laugh Some More

'Laugh Some More', while sounding cautiously optimistic from the outset, delves deep into the morose isolation that comes from being unable to forge a healthy, meaningful relationship with anyone or anything around you. The debut single from the Swedish alt-rock duo, 'Laugh Some More', is devastatingly charming with just the right amount of scuzz and fizz, pulling on influences of rock n' roll hall-of-famers Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, and Oasis. 

Gazel - Mina’s Hymn

With a dark blend of pop, Burial style electronic and middle-eastern folk music, Gazel’s latest single ‘Mina’s Hymn’ is mesmeric, immersive and enchanting. Each of Gazel’s singles is sung from the point of view of an internalised character, with Mina’s Hymn being “sung from the perspective of a widow who watches memories of her youth on a loop”. She positions herself as one of Gazel’s most bitter and resentful characters, as she refuses to come to peace with what is behind her. Gazel will be heading on tour on the 21st of November.

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