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6 Underrated Songs by Daft Punk


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With 25 years of releases under their belt, everybody’s favourite robots have one of the deepest catalogues in electronic music. Most can identify a handful of their top tunes like 'One More Time', 'Get Lucky' and 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', but it’s the depth and diversity of their catalogue that really makes them icons after all.

1. Game of Love, Random Access Memories (2013)

An under the radar gem from their most recent LP, 'Game of Love' is the perfect intersection between the robo-emotive sounds that gave the group mythical status in the decade prior and their departure to a more musically evolved sound. Arguably a follow up to 'Something About Us', one of the top singles from their 2001 masterpiece Discovery, this track shines as a downtempo love ballad told from the perspective of the robots.

2. Make Love, Human After All (2005)

Sometimes simple is best, and this track shows exactly why. Found on their 2005 LP Human After All, which was defined by club hits, 'Make Love' steps away from the heavy kick drums and electro-infused beats to showcase the French duo's ability to compose a perfectly catchy tune. Although it might fit the sound of their later album Random Access Memories a bit more (laid back, melodic and more instrumentally influenced) 'Make Love' acts as the perfect breather between the club-banging tracks that surround it. Humble plucks and chilled out trotting drums make this a track that's worth throwing on repeat. 

3. Sea of Simulation, Tron: Legacy OST (Amazon Release) (2010)

Found only as a bonus track on the Amazon exclusive release of the official Tron: Legacy soundtrack, 'Sea of Simulation' doesn't define a narrative as much as it presents an atmosphere for one. Signature to Daft Punk's sound, the cinematic composition manages to be both complex and refined, with layers of synthetic arpeggios dancing in and out of one another, capturing the feel of Tron to a T. With a backdrop of string instruments that invoke elements of Hans Zimmer, it's clear that the group pushed themselves well beyond their comfort zone while staying true to their roots. 

4. Digital Love, Discovery (2001)

Starting with a sample of George Duke's 'I Love You More', Daft Punk showcase their ability to breathe life into forgotten tunes in Digital Love. As... lovely as the sample may be, the track that's fleshed out as a result of it is simply from outer space (seriously, check the video below.) While 'Digital Love' isn't necessarily a forgotten tune, there's no doubt that it was overshadowed by more prominent singles on Discovery like 'Aerodynamic', and 'One More Time'. While those are without question legendary club tracks, 'Digital Love''s strong suit is its ability to tell a story, through both its memorable, affectionate lyrics and stirring instrumentals, two elements that don't typically define electronic tracks. The aforementioned music video (which is a segment from Interstellar: 5555, a music video of the whole album) demonstrates just how easily the robots can take a funky sample and turn it into a heart-wrenching narrative. 

5. EmotionHuman After All (2005)

Another ode to simplicity, Daft Punk captures pure musical magic with 4 chords and one word in 'Emotion'. The track borrows elements from the sound palette of 'Technologic', but presents them in a much different light, again stepping away from the rave defining sound from the rest of the album. Clocking in at just 98 beats per minute (opposed to house music's often benumbing 128bpm), 'Emotion' allows you the headspace to appreciate its melody, layering, and genuine atmosphere.

6. Horizon, Random Access Memories (Japan Release) (2013)

Another bonus track, this time exclusive to the Japanese release of Random Access Memories, 'Horizon' is Daft Punk's most accoustic song as well as one of their most introspective. With vibes of a modern Pink Floyd tune, it manages to be moody yet uplifting, meditative yet energising. Not necessarily what you'd expect from an act who's been defined on their technodromic beats, 'Horizon' once again proves that while Daft Punk are but two robots, they carry more heart and soul than the vast majority of other electronic acts out there today.

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