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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 12/11/18


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This week’s Fresher Sounds picks boast the best of tropical-infused psychedelic beats to flawless empowering vocals, to get you through November’s cold snap.

So if you’re taking shelter from the cold and most likely rainy Monday blues, here are ten of the best new tracks to fill you with warmth.

Bayonne by Jackie Lee Young

Tommy Genesis – Bad Boy

Rising star Tommy Genesis debuted new track ‘Bad Boy’ on November 9th. With previously released tracks known for resembling the early work of M.I.A, her appeal comes from a contemporary interpretation of trap and rap. ‘Bad Boy’ is harsh and in-your-face whilst also oozing street style. The self-titled album drop has also arrived on Downtown Records and features collabs with Charli XCX and Empress Of.

Bayonne – Uncertainly Deranged

The musical project of Austin-based Roger Seller, Bayonne has returned with new single ‘Uncertainly Deranged’ alongside news of a new album coming out on February 22nd, 2019. The upbeat, tropical-tinged track reaches into bright production, but as the title suggests, it is more about “uncertainty with one’s own mind, the angst of creative pressure, and self-denial”, unfolding through kaleidoscopic tones.

Oya Paya – Where Is The Line

Genre-bending art-indie-pop trio Oya Papa have pulled together new track ‘Where Is The Line’ in a unique, exotic style. With the process entirely contained to their bedrooms, the entire project emits a DIY ethos in its artwork and visuals. Based out of Liverpool but counting multiple heritages amongst the three members, Oya Paya’s personal strain of indie demonstrates both the vastness of the material world and the intimate interconnectivity the internet brings.

Hayes & Y – Blue

Described as indie-rock fused with soul and pop influences, Hayes & Y explores loneliness and insanity whilst masquerading as a dance track. Comparing to the tones of Jungle and the guitars of Nile Rogers, the quartet state: “Blue is the first in a series of songs we’ve named after colours…. The most ambitious work we’ve done so far, challenging ourselves and hopefully our audience”.


ELVIN – Sweet Sensations

Her second ever single taken from her forthcoming concept EP The Garden, Elvin demonstrates her incredible vocal ability on enchanting new single ‘Sweet Sensations’. The self-produced single explores ideas of female sexuality whilst immersing the listener within the majestic nature of the track. ELVIN’s vocal style is at the heart of the song, comparable to notable female vocalists Florence Welch and Kate Bush.

Green Gardens – Change The Lights

Playing off classic and contemporary influences, ‘Change The Lights’ offers nostalgia to the art rock genre. The track is an energetic take on fragility, detailing the frustration and isolation that physical decay can bring; it's the first of an abundance of new tracks released before the end of the year to coincide with the Leeds quartet's biggest headline show to date.

Dolores Haze – Suck On My Ego

Notorious Swedish punk pop girl band released ‘Suck On My Ego’ as a hip-hop infused track to challenge their previously rebellious angst. With their strong personalities shining through, the single is “an ode to the diva in all of us and unrelenting confidence in just being yourself”, according to the band. We couldn't agree more.

Chrystal – Vibe (feat. Rozwell Fitzroy)

Enlisting the helping of rising rapper Rozwell Fitzroy, Chrystal delivers and R&B-soaked pop cut in new single ‘Vibe’. ‘Vibe’ is a potent, feelgood return with a bubblegum flow. With glossy, vibrant lyrics and a powerful pop hook, Chrystal gracefully lets go of her past memories and looks ahead to bigger and brighter. 

Kidsmoke – Rising Sun

With a drifting indie sound, Kidsmoke return with new single ‘Rising Sun’. The track is a psychedelic-pop journey, sonically revealing a raw sound with unwavering energy. Both the music and lyrics showcase the strength of Kidsmoke’s sound, whilst throwing back to an indie heritage.

De Staat – Kitty Kitty

With a video complimenting their electronic aesthetic, ‘Kitty Kitty’ sees Dutch electronic rockers De Staat explore a five-minutes and 48-seconds labyrinth of bubbling basslines. It boldly attempts to capture the conflicting arguments transpiring on the global political stage right now as they state: “That song is very much based on when Trump arrived. It’s a collection of words and sentence which came into my head during that campaign”.

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