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Interview: Fabich


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In the electronic dance world, London-based DJ and producer Fabich is a force to be reckoned with. A German-born nu-disco and deep house artist who continuously subverts trends and genres through his singles and collaborations. Mixing classic house beats along with tropical flavours, he never fails to keep it fresh and original. 

Fabich may not have the large discography, but the producer is a true example of quality over quantity and always delivers. Frequently working with the likes of Ferdinand Weber and releasing the stomping 'One, Two' on The Magician's Potion imprint, Fabich knows just how to inject your eardrums with piano chords, bouncy drums, and a steady energy that will be sure to make you move.

An artist that is always keen to tell his tale to the masses, Berlin was a huge source of inspiration for Fabich's early records, but his inspirations come from far and wide across the globe. Telling us, "As a kid, I remember we had a huge Techno festival called Loveparade that I LOVED! Artists like Westbam and Dr. Motte were huge back then and I listened to their songs on repeat. Later on, I discovered rap music and listened to a lot of stuff from Eminem to Cam’ron, Fabolous and Kanye West. I now try to combine the two genres in my music and make dance music with a soulful or urban vibe".

This past year alone, Fabich has cemented his foundations by becoming 2017's electronic artist to look out for and this talent has not gone unrecognised, achieving US chart success as a producer for platinum-selling R&B and soul singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings and Missy Elliott collaborator, Trina. However, despite his successes, he keeps a cool head and explains the creative process is pretty straight-forward; "All I really need is my Laptop and, depending on the track, a nice electric guitar. Then I'm ready to go! When writing a new song I normally start from zero together with the singer and it takes anything between 3 hours and a day or two to get the main idea down".

Sometimes that process gets shaken up, and definitely for the better. This music addict has previously made music at Bob Marley’s house, speaking on the experience Fabich called it "a dream come true", stating "Some of Bob Marley’s grandkids were running around the house. It was such a fun and crazy experience. My Grandpa met Bob Marley shortly before his death in Germany so it was crazy to see how the world is such a small place".

Fabich can be often spotted working with impressive up-and-coming talent. He saw success with single 'Back To Life' with Jafunk and FHAT, and intimately explored the relationships around him for his debut EP Friend’s Story, which he speaks fondly of: "It’s a mix of all the music I love and I was lucky to be able to work with some amazing London based talent for it. For example, like James Vickery and Songwriter Ian Dench who have written for the likes of Beyonce and Florence and the Machine. So this is very exciting."

Fabich's latest single 'Talk To Me' is another fun bop that explores the reinvention of musical storytelling. Promoting freedom of speech, this is an unashamedly sensual song that tells stories of selfish enjoyment in a refreshingly confident way. Joined by seductive vocals from LISKA, an Irish singer-songwriter that’s influenced by her Scandinavian and Celtic roots. LISKA’s style delves comfortable into another worldly realm full of stunning vocals, dreamlike harmonies, and constantly engaging poetic lyricism. The main premise of the track is to explore prudishness, British sex culture, and sexual exploration, Fabich tells us. "Whenever I work with Liska, who’s the singer on the track, we try to do something out of the box. So to talk about something really sexual, in a tasteful way, was a very fun creative process. The song is not about a particular experience but just the feeling of love and connection in general".

At university, you are bound to have that one housemate that thinks that they're the next Swedish House Mafia that plays on the decks throughout pre-drinks until stupid o'clock. However, for the actual musicians that want to pursue DJing, listen closely to Fabich's sage advice: "In my opinion, it’s never been easier to get your work out there! Almost everybody has access to a laptop and to get your music distributed through Soundcloud and Spotify is almost free. It’s never been a better time for artists to go independent and get going! Just start with what you have and learn as you go." 

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