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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 22/10/18


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Halloween is just around the corner and whilst everyone will be preparing by listening to club remixes of 'Thriller', we've got some new music to share with you. Relax... They don't bite.

Taliwhoah - Run Along

Taliwhoahs' new single definitely has those LA vibes running through the track; combined with her smooth soulful voice which quickly changes on sharp and direct verses, we're treated to a soul/R&B-infused production. Taliwhoah is brazen, unapologetic and impactful in 'Run Along', not dissimilar to the likes of SZA and Solange. The addition of the phone chat at the end of the track fits perfectly.

Hollow Hand - Milestone

'Milestone' expertly blends the classic and the contemporary; the vocals feel softly woven from scraps of The Beatles, while the guitar riffs paint a modern, indie-pop infused pictureRecorded at the bottom of a friends garden, Hollow Hand had a makeshift studio where they were faced with the elements and no such luxury of soundproofing. Listen closely to hear the birds softly chirping at the start of the track.

GLOSSE - Malibu Longhaul

'Malibu Longhaul' is a brutally honest review of long-distance relationships seen through the guise of brooding, dark-pop synthesisers. It's hard to tell if the people involved actually love each other or are just petrified of being alone, which is a testament to the band's tender and tantalising storytelling ability. Despite it all being a bit doom and gloom, you can't help but stick this on repeat. 

Tallies - Beat the Heart

Inspired by 80s alt-rock bands like The Sundays, 'Beat the Heart' is a dreamy track preaching some hard truths. Navigating through familiar territories with a refreshing frankness, frontwoman Sarah Cogan says the track laments “the lack of empathy that exists so strongly today.” Her message is carried beautifully in a fresh and unique blend of shoegaze, dream pop, and surf rock. 

Maven Grace - Darkness

'Darkness', fundamentally, is a song about loss and grief sung from the perspective of a young mother. Partly recorded at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the erhu plays a big role in giving this track an ethereal, otherworldly quality. Ticking drums and wiry guitars accompany melodically and lift up each lyric word by word. 

Three Day Millionaires - The Snub

Demonstrating their pedigree, Hull born-and-bred trio Three Day Millionaires have given us the ravaging, sexy single 'The Snub' with a bow on top. Channeling the 90s pop-punk vocal flourishes with fiery, intense guitar riffs and tight drum beats akin to their northern punk counterparts, this trio are ones to watch.  

Wolf Girl - Dream Partner

We're big fans of Wolf Girl and the new single 'Dream Partner' explains exactly why. A bouncy energy, poignant production and accompanying tongue-in-cheek visuals of searching for a dream partner via a series of terrible dates. It's absolutely not your average love song but boasts the choral hook of an infectious chart-topper. 

Lauran Hibberd - What Do Girls Want

Upcoming indie-pop artist Lauran Hibberd delivers 'What Do Girls Want?': a track filled with energetic guitar riffs and sharp lyricism. Speaking about the new single, Hibberd explains, “For me, ‘What Do Girls Want?’ is a good punch to the mouth. It’s sarcastic and bleakly honest. It highlights what it feels like to be young, and obsesses over the ideas that come with being just that.” We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

The Good Water - Tell Me What To Do

Retro-pop paired with 70s TV show visuals, "'Tell Me What To Do' is all about confusion, the misunderstanding of feelings, and the inevitable heartache that follows,” explains frontman Rob Clements. A groovy, upbeat bounce carries the track through its rises and falls with underpinned teenage angst captured in snappy, scuzz-ridden riffs. 

DYVR - Shameful

From the second the track starts, 'Shameful' has us held with its ambient melody. Trapping us in a spaced-out dreamscape of reverb, tinny hi-hats and snares, DYVR takes a raw approach to electronic production. You can't go wrong with sticking this at the top of your chillout mix. 

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