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Song Premiere: Fil Bo Riva - Go Rilla


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Berlin-based, Italian-born musician Fil Bo Riva is a smorgasbord of European influences, all of which are melted together in a crockpot of infectious indie pop. The new single 'Go Rilla' is compelling, full of flavour and contemporary rhythms.

At just 26 years old, Fil Bo Riva has hit the ground running. Taking inspiration from across his many homes including Rome, Dublin, and Berlin, 'Go Rilla' explodes, pops and bursts in bubbles of light, colour and flavour, and is just a taste of what's to come. With the announcement of the new single comes an announcement of new tour dates in 2019 and a nomination for Best Singer/Songwriter at Music Moves Europe Talent Awards (a new EU prize for contemporary music). 

With oodles of charisma and dynamism, Fil Bo Riva combines a diad of indie-pop and indie-rock influences, underpinned by energetic electric guitars and an intelligently crafted choral hook: "Go go, go rilla take me where you go / Go go go rilla take me where you go / Take me with you". 'Go Rilla' flirts with even the most stoic of listeners; teasing the straight-faced with bright, bouncy rhythms that are impossible not to move to and cleverly memorable lyricism that can't help but be sung.

A song concocted before a show at the Gorilla Club in Manchester in 2016, with lyrics bolstered from a half-remembered dream, Fil Bo Riva has perfected a quintessential indie anthem "about unbridled passion and the rapturous idea of escaping the real world." Hotting up the anticipation for the release of his debut album, 'Go Rilla' follows in the slew of convincing singles 'Head Sonata (Love Control)', the flirtatious and cheeky 'Blindmaker' and the richly textured 'Time Is Your Gun'. 

Listen to the new single 'Go Rilla' now, ahead of its official release tomorrow. 

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