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Freshers Sounds - The best new music - 15/10/18


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With the arrival of the gloomy October weather comes the comfort of bigger and better Fresher Sounds mixes. Whether you need dreamy slow-burners to pass by the rainy days, songs that are alight with blazing, exciting lyrics, or futuristic dance beats to pass the long nights - we've got you covered.

George Glew – Higher

‘Higher’ encapsulates the lazy Sunday-morning with minimalist acoustic strums, reinforced with piano chords, and a subtle electronic hint in the use of the vocoder. Glew’s vocals caress the song’s impressive vocal melody and range, simultaneously filling its body with a unique, soulful grit. The song’s lyrics are poetically romantic, “darkness is here / So I face the fear / With the love you gave”, fitting the soft backing vocals and piano twinkles.

Tolliver – Twisted

Hailing from a religious gospel-singer background, Tolliver’s debut EP Rites is a hedonistic, impersonal sexual escape from a strict upbringing. ‘Twisted’ is abundant with warping, repetitive synths that represent the lyrical thrills and spills, as Tolliver “forgets his roots”.  Critically acclaimed as a new hybrid of MNEK and The Weeknd, this catchy alt-R&B track boasts a deep-tone rap and vocal rhythms.

Nuela Charles – Danger

Another track about venturing into the exciting sexual unknown but in an entirely different musical frame - ‘Danger’ is infiltrated with adventurous lyrics, “I’ve been looking for some danger / Spin the bottle with a stranger”. There is an undeniable seductive quality in Charles’ vocals, which, with the tracks’ huge funky bassline presence and drum machine beat, instigates a blazing fire in the lyrics. The effortless attitude in Charles’ vocals are also enhanced by Arctic Monkeys-esque guitar distortions.

Barrie – Michigan

‘Michigan’, from Barrie’s new EP, Singles, is a dreamy slow-groove pop track overlayed with soft, drifty, non-invasive lyrics that cleverly melt into backing vocals. The underpinning piano chords and single note bass strums are subtly jazzy, furthering the track’s laidback, multi-textured delicacy.


Rosie Carney – Orchid

Carney, set to release her highly-awaited debut album in January, opens herself to vulnerability with lyrics inspired by personal trauma in new single ‘Orchard’. The track's soft and authentic acoustics are enhanced by a blissful orchestral string arrangement and a kick of gated drums bringing the track to its climax. The subtle vocal distortion makes Carney’s voice seem almost distant, filling the song with a sense of timelessness and nostalgia.

Mr Koifish – Hang Our Coats

Mr Koifish, the former bassist for Turboweekend, has released his newest single ‘Hang Our Coats’. The track is driven by upbeat drum machine beats, with a heavy dose of vocoder harmonies and melodic synth distortions. The experimental electropop track is about letting go of stress and living in the moment – with a befitting minimal vocal melody to embody this nonchalant attitude.

Vivii – Suckerpunch

A transcendent, wistful soft-pop ballad with ethereal vocals, reminiscent of Lana Del Ray. This track is interlaced with soft hints of psychedelic jazz with its dancing, trippy chords and riffs, and slow singing pace of “boom chicka boom boom”.

Desire - Tears From Heaven

‘Tears From Heaven’ premiered recently on the Chanel runway in Paris; a futuristic haze of electro-pads, machine drum beats and synth-soaked chords, paired with a soft voice to allow the electro-pop track to take its predominantly instrumental form. The subtle hint of French words further elevated this song into something otherworldly.

KWAYE - Paralyzed

‘Paralyzed’ is the latest track from London-raised Zimbabwean artist, KWAYE, about realising your true self but also realising that this is not the person you are thought to be by others; “I’m caught in the middle of choices / Pushing me far from where I’m stable”. KWAYE’s effortless vocals are soulful and gutsy yet so tender, hitting blissful high notes. There is a slight underlying funkiness to the electric drum beats, with Gospel-like backing vocals that add such warmth and depth to this captivating track.


VRWRK go back to their roots with 'FOOLS', merging UK garage and bassline with visual accompaniment of pumping 90s rave scenes. Fleetwood Mac meets techno beneath the surface of this danceable track – with yearning vocals and synthesised shimmers that are reminiscent in ‘Everywhere’. A triumphant curation of several different dance styles with subtle influences of other genres.

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