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Artists tell us their weird and wild party stories


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Festivals, gigs and parties are always eventful. Running wildly across fields, bumping into random celebs and, occasionally, your favourite artists, and dancing into daybreak surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Once again, festival season has come to a close and clubs are gearing up for a long, cold winter of album launches, exclusive parties and wild events. We thought we'd boost up the party spirit by chatting to some fun-loving DJs about some of their weirdest, whacky and most wonderful experiences, both in the fields and in the streets. Strap yourselves in - things are about to get weird. 

Ella Poletti, a jazz-blues-infused pop vocalist, kickstarted her career on YouTube and but quickly found herself performing live at her first gig in LA to an entirely different crowd. 

Image credit: Stefan Kohli

"There were a handful of great bands that performed that night and many dedicated fans that would always show up to that venue no matter who was performing. There was one fan in particular that looked kind of creepy... and out of place. Not to mention, he was wearing crocs. Who does that?! Anyway, to my surprise it turned out that he was a porn star... and not just that, one of the biggest porn stars of the 80s! It was definitely an interesting night, and who knew that porn stars wear crocs?"

French-born Brighton-based electronic producer Stupead fell head-over-heels for one of his favourite artists but missed out on his chance to fangirl in person. Luckily, his dad was on hand to do the talking for him.

"A bit more than a year ago, I closed for Marshmello...I really wanted to meet and chat with him backstage. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch him before his set, and when he finished I had already started so I couldn’t talk to him. At the end of my show, I went back to the backstage and wondered where him and his team had gone. Few minutes after, my dad came to me to debrief on the set and he showed a photo on his phone.

He and Marshmello were chatting and chilling backstage during my set! Thanks Dad!"

The Mason Collective are a dynamic trio birthed in the underground, DIY scene in Manchester. Their coveted MVSON events were renowned for their terrifically tantalising line-up of DJs and special guests, and an atmosphere to boot. Some fans did more than others to secure their place at the party.

"Last year we had a string of summer MVSON garden parties at the now-defunct Mantra Warehouse in Manchester that took off massively. Even our three-room takeovers sold out within hours and the demand for tickets was crazy.

There was one time where two guys came down to the event but couldn't get in, so they swam across the canal that runs adjacent to the venue and climbed the fence to get in the courtyard. I clocked them in the middle of the party soaking wet and found out what happened. We had to give them free guest list for the rest of the year for the effort."

Sultry R&B duo known as FHAT found themselves exploring a whole new side to themselves post-festival party in Berlin.

"We met this girl, Mel on the train one night after a party. We were all pretty drunk, but til this day, she is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. She works at a makeup school in Berlin. One day she asked me if I could come in and be a “model” for her class. I said yes, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Three hours later, she spun me around to the mirror and I was in full drag, complete with purple wig! I’d never done drag before.

So the next time, I invited Aaron to get dragged up too. We arrived, but this time there was no class, just Mel and a few other people. This girl Maria was there wearing a bikini top and she poured us some Gin. I think our original plan was to film a web series, so we documented the whole thing. It’s literally just hours of us dancing to Beyonce and flinging wigs all over the shop."

And while that definitely sounds like the best party ever, the best story goes to Mason - Amsterdam-based electronic producer and DJ. Strap yourselves in for this one, kids.

"In 1998 I had one of my first DJ gigs abroad in some town up in Finland. I just put some music up this new thing called a ‘website’ and actually somebody ‘electronic-mailed’ me, asking me to play at their party. I was pretty young and obviously excited to play so far up North. Back then, Finland was very conservative, and house parties weren’t allowed. The only loophole that was allowed were parties and festivals hosted by hotels for some unexplainable reason.

So the rave started and the backstage was a certain hotel room. We were hanging out there, doing '90s things (probably involving Tetris), when a full armoured swat-team entered the room, handcuffed us with tie-rips and threw us in the back of a van. I got separated from the rest and got strip searched naked, which is always a joy in your adolescence. What followed were 16 hours of a solitude jail cell in a not so fashionable overall. As they were keeping the lights on, I killed my time memorizing Finnish graffiti (I can still say ‘police are turds’ in Finnish). In the end, it turned out my manager had some medicine for his sore throat that looked suspicious, so they kept us Dutch boys extra long till the police chief would show up the next afternoon.

After a long time and even more paperwork they were about to release us. I got my belongings back and called my girlfriend at the time. I could only say “Don’t be alarmed, but I’m in prison”, but being a 90’s cellphone the battery ran out after that, so I couldn’t say I was about to be released. So while we went out for Finnish beer and some rotten fish, my girlfriend called someone who called someone who called the Dutch ambassador, which led to some diplomatic dealings, while I was getting drunk and was unaware. I called her the next day. Good times..."

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