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Celebrating the best of Coasts


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Bristol born and bred 5 piece, Coasts, are known for their stamp on the classic indie pop/rock sound, filled with climatic synth and guitar instrumentals.

A central focus of their live performances is Chris Caines, an infectiously energic frontman with unique vocals that perfectly fit the band’s genre. In honour of their dynamic and exciting career, here are our 5 favourite tracks that will live on forever.

1. ‘Oceans’

The song that everyone knows and the track always savoured for the encore. Coasts arguably owe a lot of their breakthrough success to ‘Oceans’ which lead to Radio 1 exposure and amassed over 13 million streams on Spotify. The single is the embodiment of a summer indie track, with its infectiously catchy chorus, “We fell in love / Right by the ocean / Made all our plans down on the sand”. Its radiant hooks continue to build throughout, bringing the chorus to a summit.

2. ‘A Rush Of Blood’

Another of Coasts’ tracks filled with feel-good indie rock goodness; ‘Rush Of Blood’ probably possesses one of the band’s more climatic choruses, and a bridge that undeniably allows such crescendo with subdued drums, synths, guitar and keyboard chords until Caines comes in with “Like a rush of blood to the head / You’re crushing hearts to the end”. The track also exemplifies the band’s ability to contrast and build up within a song, especially with the anthemic drums, making it one of the best to see live.

3. ‘You’

“You make me feel like I’m holding on to something real” – a chorus with the makings of a timeless indie love song. Again, filled with synths and sun-drenched guitar riffs, this track has an underlying upbeat synth and drums backing throughout, which is what makes it such a feel-good head-bopper.

4. ‘Paradise’

This track is a celebrates love in its visuals. The track demonstrates the band’s almost poetic lyrical ability, particularly in its opening lines, “We come to life when we’re side by side / I don’t know where to begin / So close your eyes and let the fire run wild / I’ll trace freckles on your skin” setting it apart from a stereotypical ‘indie love song’. Once more building up to a climactic chorus (there is definitely a pattern here), the synths and backing vocals are almost muted as if to focus on the meaning of the lyrics. While it certainly is a shift from their debut album, this again works well in a contrast.

5. ‘Let Me Love You’

Coasts allow their vulnerability to be shown – specifically in the meaning of the song's lyrics which relate to mental health struggles from the point of view of a relationship. The bridge, “If you just open up your eyes you’ll see the sun begin to rise / Why don’t you let me love you?” encapsulates the meaning of the song; the importance of moving through the struggle together.

There is almost a drop before the actual chorus, making the moment where the synths hit almost euphoric, especially combined with the harmonies of “why can’t you let me love you?”. The track showcases the band’s versatility and dynamic lyrical ability, shifting from their first album, yet maintaining their climatic synth choruses which they are known and loved for.

See the guys one last time at one of 10 UK dates on their Farewell Tour:

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