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Interview: Fizzy Blood


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Would you drop the band if Josh Homme asked you to join his supergroup?

“Totally, I’m not even ashamed to say so. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!”

Fizzy Blood are making waves in the Leeds DIY scene, their sound settling into a space where metal borders on the groovy riffs of indie rock, but the band subscribe to neither. Ahead of a summer awash with festival plans, The National Student got chance to fire a few questions over to vocalist Benji Inkley.

The band came to be three and a half years ago after meeting at the prestigious Leeds College of Music and have remained in the city ever since. Being heralded as one of the musical centres of the country, playing an integral part in the UK DIY scene and responsible for the formation of such bands as The Cribs, The Wedding Present and Alt-J (just to name a few), we may be mistaken in thinking that being part of such a vibrant scene may elevate the prospects of a band.

“From day one of forming this band we’ve made our own luck through collective hard work and have had nothing handed to us. Obviously, BBC introducing for Sheffield and Leeds have put us forward for live events of which we are very thankful for. But, that was still only after we reached out to them first, and I believe that a band would get the reaction we did from them in most cities. So, as brilliant as Leeds is - it’s not done too much for us in the way of aiding the cause. There’s also the fact that we’ve not been successful in the grand scheme of things, YET.”

The band have released two EPs and a number of singles so far, each testing out a different angle of their sound, flexing jarring riffs and evocative lyricisms.

“We make music before lyrics 96.8% of the time. Although we may have more of a collective voice when concerning the music, song-writing changes from song to song; lyrics are more of a personal thing and take shape more coherently when written individually.”

Completing the trilogy of EPs, until the next project begins, is forthcoming Pink Magic EP. The first glimpse of which was released last month. The melodic elements of dizzy track ‘Pink Magic’ grew out of guitarist Paul Howells experimenting with a musical phone in a call centre he worked in at the time.

“Paul wrote most of the songs on Pink Magic as demos, we took them into the practice room and changed little bits here and there.”

Pink Magic will be released later this year on Killing Moon and marks a progression in the band’s sound. What can we expect?

“Something a little different, what’s the point of keeping the music the same, right? We have been really against slapping any kind of genre or tag line onto this next release and hope people will make up their own minds about it. It’s not too dissimilar from our other songs, as what makes us sound like us, is, us! It’s just a little bit more mature and varied than previous EPs.”

Fizzy Blood have proven hard to contain within one defined genre, but often the comparison has been made between Benji’s vocals and that of Queen’s of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme.

“I’m pretty sure you could make connections between our music and other types of music all day long, as you can with pretty much everything. The fact is, we didn’t sit down to write and record and be like “Okay Mr. Producer, I want you to make the guitars sound like this track!”. We just want to sound like us, as cliché as it is.”

But, would Fizzy Blood disband if Josh Homme poached a member for his latest supergroup project?

“Totally, I’m not even ashamed to say so, and I’d hope the rest of the lads would do the same if they ever got the chance. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!”

In the past, the band have supported the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, While She Sleeps and Spring King, but the bank holiday weekend was spent coming into their own, playing raucous sets at both Hit the North and Live at Leeds, festivals dedicated to showcasing the best of the UK’s emerging talent.

“I think a lot of people go and see bands at these kinds of festivals, that they’d hear about, but wouldn’t necessarily go and buy a ticket for the sole purpose of seeing ONLY them. So, it’s a good way of playing to fresh faces I suppose – you’d probably get more bodies in the room than if it were your own show.”

With a multitude of festival appearances still to come over the summer, I wondered whether the band preferred the grassy plains of festivals to more intimate indoor gigs.

“Each has its benefits. At this point, I’d probably say festivals as they’re a little bit more of a rarity and change from the norm. It only gets better when the suns out as well!”

Let’s just hope the band don’t get caught in anymore weird situations whilst they’re out on the road, like that time involving “police, an old Korean Lady, a tank full of octopus and Soju”. Fizzy Blood, we wish you luck.

Catch Fizzy Blood live:

18th May - Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (HEADLINE)

25th May – Dot To Dot Festival - Manchester

26th May – Dot To Dot Festival - Bristol

27th May – Dot To Dot Festival - Nottingham

1st June - Long Division Festival

27th July - Vintage Bar, Doncaster (HEADLINE) Free Show

28th July - Y Not Festival

12th August – Boardmasters

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