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Live Review: DMA's - Norwich Waterfront, 08/05/18


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Returning to The Waterfront for the second time in 10 months, DMA’s treated Norwich to a confident and energetic performance.


DMA's are often credited with their likeness to Mancunian britpop bands such as Oasis, parading a sense of self-assurance much like Liam Gallagher or Ian Brown. However, the band keep current by coining their own style of 'guitar music', drawing on other modern influences outside of the genres of indie-rock and britpop. 

Their British sound and look has found them strong support in the UK, as well as the rest of Europe. Where many Australian artists fail to make the cut over in the UK, DMA's had built a cult following before the release of their debut record Hills End back in 2016. 'Step up the Morphine' attracted wide-spread attention, highlighting their breezy hooks and laidback tone, but it's songs such as 'Timeless' and 'Lay Down' that draw the most obvious comparisons with 90s Britpop.

Having dedicated a serious amount of time to songwriting at the early stage, Tommy O'Dell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason were quick to release their sophomore album just two weeks ago. They have revealed their change in the ways they produced the songs, bringing Kim Moyes on board. With a new array of tracks to perform to passionate and excitable British crowds across the UK, the band seemed keen to head out on tour, which included a stop at The Watefront in Norwich, where they performed just back in July last year.

The three-piece appeared to be right at home in the dark, intimate venue setting. Marching onto the stage to an explosion of cheers and applause, DMA’s didn’t hesitate to open with an old track ‘Feels Like 37’. With its pacey hooks, the opening number got the crowd moving early.

The band entwined songs from their debut and their recent release into their setlist, continuing with new single ‘For Now’ and Hills End tracks ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Timeless’. DMA’s are a staple band of Britpop revival, bringing timeless sounding tunes and endearing laddish charm to the show.

O’Dell delivered sweet and clean vocals to ‘In The Air’, bringing down the energy a notch and reminding fans of the band’s more melodic and laidback sounds. The chilled atmosphere carried on with tight renditions of ‘Warsaw’ and ‘Time and Money’, a track which Tommy O’Dell has named as a personal favourite of his.

Though crowd interaction isn’t something the band seem to engage in, their humble nature makes it clear this is down to style rather than arrogance. They delivered assured performances, giving fans everything they want without overdoing it.

‘Step Up the Morphine’ took fans on a nostalgic trip back in time and ‘Delete’ offered a sense of tranquillity and heightened emotion amongst the liveliness. The band closed their set with three new songs from For Now; ‘Do I Need You Know?’, ‘Dawning’ and ‘Emily Whyte’. Despite being only released two weeks ago, fans shouted back the lyrics to the band, which speaks volumes about the longevity of the tracks.

A short stint off stage before the encore resulted in chants of “D-M-A’S, D-M-A’S”. Bouncing back onto the stage with lagers in hand, the band erupted into a buzzing performance of ‘Play It Out’, a track which exudes British indie-rock vibes, and brought about a powerful reception from the crowd. Maintaining the high-intensity vibes with ‘In the Moment’ and ‘Lay Down’, the Australian trio reinforced their rise to popularity in the UK, having performed a set filled with both rousing anthems and emotional melodies.

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