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Fresher Sounds - the best new music - 16/04/18


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Term is starting up again for most universities, so give your pre-drinks playlist a necessary revamp with this week's brand new tunes. 

The Easter holidays have come to an end and exam season is on the horizon, that means you have a few more weeks to squeeze in some night's out before the revision begins, and both your pre-drinks and revision playlists need updating.

Here is a list of ten new tracks: some of which will get you pumped, while others can calm those exam nerves. 

5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

This punchy single is the title track from 5SOS's upcoming third album, and showcases the boys' growth as it is different from what we've heard before. They are moving away from the safety of their boy band bubble, and finally breaking into the pop punk genre they have always yearned after. All of their efforts have paid off with this track though, and drummer Ashton Irwin, described the single as having "romanticism and anger, but also enery and colour." The Australian lads are certainly bursting back into the music scene with a bang. 

The Lovely Eggs - Big Sea

The Lovely Eggs are breaking genre boundaries with their new single 'Big Sea'. Merging their punk rock style with an eletronic layer, this unique sound is reminiscent of 60s psychedelia. Nonetheless the lyrics explore deep topics such as existentialism, which simply takes this single a whole other level. 

 Scott Matthews - CINNAMON

Singer-songwriter Scott Matthews is releasing his sixth studio album this summer, and this single from it is spine tingling. The production is evidence of his expertise, while his voice is saturated with so much emotion that it conveys a clear autheticity and genuine rawness to his work. If you like this, then you should catch him on his tour, which starts on the 28th April. 

 Jenny Hval - Spells

'Spells' opens with a full, orchestral sound, which continues to build throughout the opening, giving you time to completely lose yourself within the wonder of the music. There is no rush for the vocals to begin, and instead, you savour every brass contribution until the jazz atmosphere masterly blends into the more pop-style percussion, and finally, into Jenny Hval's voice. Every aspect of this single has been thought out and crafted to create the hypnotising masterpiece that it is.  

 Indridi - Amma

Icelandic singer-songwriter and guitarist, Indridi, shares his new single 'Amma', which is gentle and calming to listen to. The soft vocals and heart-felt emotion, which seems to come directly from his soul is charming to witness. His new LP ding ding was recorded across Reykjavik and Berlin with a few collaborators, and that raw, authentic vibe can be found in this single too. 

Mary Lattimore - It Feels Like Floating

Mary Lattimore is a harpist from LA and her work pulses with emotion and storytelling. Lattimore commented on the song saying that it began as "a description of a guy's drug experience - it was the answer when I asked what it felt like to him". As with many creative endeavors, however, this song has morphed, so that it produces a feeling that even more people can resonate with - that moment of escapism and "blissed-out detachment, untouchable for a minute", as Lattimore describes it.

 Easy Life - Ice Cream

The third track from Easy Life's Creature Habits Mixtape will be perfect for any indie music fans. This is another artist delving into exlectronic sounds, as the band uses it to build up the layers of the chorus. This combined with the addition of a catchy hook means that you'll be jamming to it all night long. 

ABISHA - Project X

R&B singer-songwriter, ABISHA, allows her vocals to take the spotlight in her stripped back new single. The vocalist is completely in her element with this single, following along from her debut song released at the end of last year called 'All That', she seems to be taking the 'rhythm' from Rhythm & Blues to a whole new level, but it pays off - this track is sexy and feels like it is flowing through your veins as you listen.

 Paige Calico- Bad With

The music video to Paige Calico's new single "Bad With" carries an angelic and intimate atmosphere that is mirrored in the song. It has a dream-like quality, yet still fills you with a feeling of nostalgia and reminiscene that is a result of Calico's haunting vocals. 

Vive la Void - Death Money

Sannae Yamada from Moon Duo has taken on a new project with Vive la Void, the album of which she has been working on for around two years, experimenting and playing with the different layers of synthesizers. This particular tracks sends you into a complete haze with the crafted repetition and vocals, which Yamada explains, has "a kind of ghostly quality, to emerge from and recede back into the song, or to pass over it like weather."

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