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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 12/03/18


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After all the glitz and glamor of the Oscars last week, it's easy to get caught up in the successes of artists that have 'made it'. Let's not forget how they got there... here are this week's best singles from some upcoming (and returning) artists. 

While watching artists that you have loved for years get nominated for, or even win, prestigious awards is exciting, it's also important to support those struggling artists trying to break through into the industry. There's nothing better than discovering a small musician and watching them blossom into the successes that we see on the big screen. 

These are definitely ones to watch!


Following on with the theme of empowerment from International Women's Day, the duo from MOONOVERSUN have released a quirky and vibrant song that will be sure to brush away those lingering winter blues. The song's signature hook will enchant every listener with the relatable line, "all those boys/girls they got it wrong, they just don't understand me". The power duo switch between 'boy' and 'girl' with every line, to represent the heartache that both genders experience, showcasing just what empowerment and equality truly is. 

Ciaran Lavery - 13

Irish singer-songwriter, Ciaran Lavery, released the second single from his new album last week. It's raw and honest; Lavery's husky tone is bursting with emotion, contrasting with the up beat that accompanies him. He admitted that "this song makes me feel uncomfortable. But I want to be as honest a songwriter as I can be." 

Gundelach feat. ARY - Past the Building

Gundelach's collaboration with ARY on this new song is special. Their voices simultaneously manage to clash and meld together at different points in the song, creating a sound that is both mellow and sharp. It is an electro-R&B tune that uses analogue synths to create its unique sound. The accompanying video that was released last week carries the haunting, galactic atmosphere of the single, and grounds it in our reality.

boerd - Blind

Boerd's new single is pushing boundaries in the world of electronica. With experience playing the double bass in the Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestras, 'Blind' reflects this wide and full atmospheric perspective, only possible due to his experience. Vulnerable and spine-chilling, boerd has created a new world to step into and it needs to be experienced by all. 

Sub Blue - Teen No More

The fear of growing up is one that all students face, and this electronic R&B tune encapsulates the feeling perfectly. Sub Blue creates an introspective and chilled atmosphere that guides you through familiar thoughts such as, "I guess we'll never know if we'll make it to the shore". The song then closes with a couple of relevant quotes that get you thinking. Whether you want to uncover all the layers of this song, or just enjoy the music passively - this one is perfect.

Fairhazel - 7x7

Fairhazel was raised in Cape Town, London and Paris, and his new single, '7x7', reflects his multi-cultural youth through the different tones and rhythmic variations. The combination blurs genre lines as it successfully maintains a minimal sound, but still uses an expansive set of instrumentation. The beautiful, soothing melody is the ideal addition to your late night playlist. 

altopalo - Blur

Altopalo experimental single, 'Blur', will take you on an ethereal journey through genres, tones and mood. The opening is intimate, and the vocals quiet, clear and crisp like an early spring morning. It progresses with the vocals gradually drifting away and a heavy beat setting in to really play on your emotions. The song continues to take unsuspected turns that I will allow you to experience for yourself; it is the best way. This foursome will definitely be one to watch out for. 

The Pale White - Loveless

Newcastle indie-rock trio The Pale White have supported Twin Atlantic, The Libertines and The Amazons on tour, as well as having played on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury. This new single has a heavy beat that will get you head banging and a catchy chorus that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs - what more could you ask for?

LYDIA - Goodside

LYDIA are a returning band that have already released six albums and gone on multiple tours, but this brand new single promises to explore new territory while still maintaining their distinct sound. This band's experience and wisdom shines through this indie tune, showcasing them as experts. 

John Newman - Fire in Me

By far the biggest name on this list, John Newman is making his comeback after being away for just under two years with another pop anthem, 'Fire in Me', that really packs a punch. Exploiting the power of his distinctive, raw voice, Newman reclaims the spotlight with strength and confidence in this new tune. The single has an almost gospel producation that helps to lift the soul out of the depths of winter darkness and get us all excited for the summer on the horizon. 


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