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Fresher Sounds - the best new music - 05/03/18


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With the “Beast from the East” temporarily holding the nation hostage, this week will forever be remembered as the time the UK stood still.

In quintessentially British fashion we stopped the clocks to talk about the weather. Of course the usual grumblings made their way onto mainstream news outlets, but some of us actually managed to get some enjoyment from the snow, with videos of people using makeshift snowboards and diving into the snow half naked going viral.

For those of you who can’t wait to slap on the suntan lotion and fork out your old swimsuits from the back of your wardrobes, here are the best new tracks from last week to help you forget all about the newly-formed Arctic tundra outside.

Modern Time Machines – Failsafe

With a sound described as a “noisy, romantic hurricane”, LA-based Modern Time Machines have made a name for themselves creating infectious shoegaze-rock music. Their latest single ‘Failsafe’ is intricately layered, with haunting melodies entwined with boy/girl harmonies. Whirring guitar hooks add new dimensions to the feedback-laced track, which carries a breeziness very similar to the likes of UK trio JAWS.

The quartet’s long-awaited sophomore album is set to drop April 6th.

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – White Flag

Coinciding with the announcement of a forthcoming album, Aussie artist Jack Ladder has released the brand new single ‘White Flag’.

Filling your ears with moody vocals and melodic hooks, ‘White Flag’ is an unlikely love song about surrendering to a prison that binds two people together. As a talented lyricist, who is well known for his skill in musical narrative, Ladder reveals that the track is written from two perspectives. “I didn’t want to duet, so I sang both parts. It allows for more mystery.”

His fifth studio album is set for release 4th May, with the artist admitting it’s the most melodic music he has ever created. Ladder brings his baritone vocals forward to sing sentimental tales of love, beauty and hope.

Lucy Neville – Ransom

Having amassed over 6 million streams on a range of digital platforms, Australian artist Lucy Neville has been hotly tipped for great things. Her latest single ‘Ransom’ is an example of how she can combine emotive lyrics with EDM-inspired hooks in a way that gives her a distinct sound.

After a background crafting her vocal harmonies in a girls’ choir, the 21-year-old turned her attention to song writing, self-penning her own indie pop sound. With sweet vocals wrapping around the infectious hooks, ‘Ransom’ involves honest and open lyricism.

It’s about falling in lust, and then falling in love” says Neville, “The initial curiosity, the pounding of your heart and the longing to belong to one another. I wrote ‘Ransom’ for the millions of lovers who have faced the now or never dilemma.”

Benjamin Lazar Davis – Right Direction

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Lazar Davis delivers a wistful ballad, as he longs for direction and guidance in a world of not-knowing.

Davis’s forthcoming debut record derived from long years of touring followed by a difficult break up, so the thematic patterns of the album are more than hinted at with this single. Though he was inspired by a desire to create music of his own, Davis collaborated with several other talented artists in the song-writing process, which he worked on for 30 days straight in the bedroom of his childhood home.

Esther Joy – Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)

Having spent the last year touring with Charli XCX’s, rising star Esther Joy is back with a new EP The Acid Caves Vol.1, due for release April 27th.

The first single from the record ‘Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)’ is packed with bewitching electronic hooks. Following an other-worldly narrative, the forthcoming EP tells the tale of Silipur, a non-human entity who illegally departs her planet for Earth in search of energy and connection.

As a complex metaphor for how digitalization is destroying the connections we need as humans, Esther Joy has imagined a captivating story, that she will reveal piece by piece as each track is released. This unique take on a musical project highlights Joy as one of the more intriguing artists to be emerging from London right now.

‘Day 1’ opens with the non-human character leaving her planet, “Somewhere on Earth a girl is crying. She cannot do it anymore. Silipur jumps. And so does she.”

Spielbergs – We Are All Going To Die

Oslo trio Spielbergs share their anthemic, pummelling new track ‘We Are All Going To Die’.

On a track that lashes out against the world, yet begs for its attention at the same time, the band’s vocalist Mads Baklien delivers a rallying cry in this unrelenting examination of mortality. Set against thick guitar riffs and driven by Christian Lovhaug’s pulsating drumwork, the track is an instant attention-grabber, ascending in intensity as the bars continue.

Skating Polly – Queen For A Day

Sibling punk-rock trio Skating Polly release new track ahead of the imminent LP The Make it All Show.

The lyrics came about after a conversation had about the retro gameshow that the track is named after. Set against angsty hooks and a thunderous chorus, the band are carving out a spot for them in modern punk. Clearly not afraid to shy away from taboo topics, ‘Queen For A Day’ turns an old game show into a current and relevant topic into the forefront of today’s social climate.

Aged between 17-21 years, the band are writing music well beyond their years, rewarded with extensive tours supporting Kate Nash and X. Fans can expect a UK tour to be announced later this year.

Miriam Bryant – Black Car

Hailing from the pop-music haven of Sweden, Miriam Bryant has emerged as one of the most exciting artists to come from the Nordic regions. Having accumulated 200 million streams from Scandinavian listeners alone, the talented singer has her sights set on a global audience.

As an endearingly upbeat track with undoubtedly infectious hooks running throughout, it is no wonder ‘Black Car’ quickly became a smash hit in Sweden.

Black Car represents the place we first met,” explains Bryant “It’s the moment when you look at me like nobody has ever looked at me before, and the moment that you know you’re in love. But it’s also the arguments, the passion, the tears. The realisation that nothing is forever.”

Blossoms – I Can’t Stand It

Mancunian outfit Blossoms release brand new track ‘I Can’t Stand It’, the first to be taken from their forthcoming sophomore record Cool Like You.

Building on from the synth-pop tunes that brought them so much attention after the release of their debut album, the track is very much led by the more electronic elements of their music. It is no surprise that there are distinct similarities with the first record, as vocalist Tom Ogden has revealed the song-writing process began almost immediately after the first album finished up. He has embraced a more direct and honest approach however, which makes for very exciting listening.

The frontman reveals the inspiration behind the song. “It’s about desperately wanting to forget someone, but you can’t because they’re a huge part of you – and how unbearable that can be.” He likens the track to the cult-hit film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. “Spotless Mind is about wanting to erase someone from your thoughts and that feeds into the lyrics.”


Fickle Friends – Wake Me Up

Now just two weeks until the release date of Fickle Friends’s debut album You Are Someone Else, the band have dropped one more single, the jangly synth-pop hit ‘Wake Me Up’. With a repertoire of sun-kissed electronic-infused pop numbers already under their belt, the band have established a loyal cult-following.

‘Wake Me Up’ follows a similar theme. The track is sophisticated, with bubbly and exuberant synth-hooks giving the track a fusion of the modern day with the 1980s. Behind all the infectious rhythms, the song reveals an emotive, deeper meaning, What am I missing? What is it you’ve heard? .... We are absolutely failing.”

Crafting a real skill in creating catchy synth-driven songs, the Brighton-based quintet are making a real name for themselves, and the confidence to explore a more honest and invasive topic displays how much the outfit have progressed since their conception.

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