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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 12/02/18


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With Valentine's Day only two days away, it's easy to feel nauseous surrounded by smushy love songs. Not to worry though, we'll only bore you once in this week's Fresher Sounds.

Why not focus on your love for pancake making tomorrow, dancing around the kitchen to this eclectic playlist featuring all sorts of genres from dancehall to Scandi-pop. Just don't burn yourself.

Ciaran Lavery - To Chicago

'To Chicago' is the lead single from Lavery's upcoming brand new album Sweet Decay, set to release in April. It's the only overly romantic track on this playlist, we promise. His soft reflection on a person is set to the strums of an acoustic guitar running throughout, his gentle vocals gliding over like silk. It's an easy listener and the perfect addition to a 'chilled out' playlist.

Taliwhoah - Sweetest Escape

Earmilk likened Taliwhoah's music as "the type of music Aaliyah" would be making - a very fair comparison. Her classic 90s R&B soul vocals are combined with the groove of dancehall, an interesting overlap and completely catering to our general public taste today. The introduction to 'Sweetest Escape' has the same rickety rhythm found in modern trap music. It's refreshing; it strays away from the mainstream and shows a more unique approach to the music style.

Matto Rules - Mind Cab

The Swiss indie electro band's new single 'Mind Cab' stems from a dream about a car trip and essentially refers to a journey through one's mind. Clever, right?

The track has a mash-up of indie, electro and disco elements, immediately reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem, with mellow but funky vibes.

Goat Girl - The Man

Taken from Goat Girl's self-titled debut album, 'The Man' shows off a raucous attitude to their music. The track opens with jangly throwback guitar riff and slurred yelping vocal.

The tracks accompanying music video reverses gender roles: instead of 'fan girls,' the film shows boys demonstrating a likeness to Beatlemania, accompanied with lyrics such as "you're so strange and it make me feel sane'. Touché.

Joseph J. Jones - Crawl

The latest single from Joseph J. Jones has received huge support from Radio 2 and millions of Spotify streams. It's so clear why. 

'Crawl' is a follow up from his debut single, 'Gospel Truth', showing off another soulful male singer-songwriter to come from Britain. His influences range from Johnny Cash to Kanye West, and 'Crawl' shows this eclectic mix through the soulful vocals, relatable lyrics and a fierce dominant rhythm leading the track.

Skott - Stay Off My Mind

The Scandinavian electro-pop singer releases a brand new video for the single 'Stay Off My Mind'. The single is showing Skott at her most jaunty, the lyrics are haunting and deeply personal, accompanied with bright and breezy melodies and feel-good vibes.

:PM - Feel Like a Fool

:PM release another single that matches the buzz they started with their debut single, 'Grown Ups'. The Yorkshire pop band have the perfect youthful vocals and lyrics that portray such an accurate representation of a classic coming-of-age situation.

'Feel Like a Fool' has a pop-rock melody that is easily identifiable and the most catchy chorus that you'll find yourself singing it, walking down the street.

Wood Chips - Heartbeat

Wood Chips is the new project from Danish producer and singer-songwriter Andreas Asigh. 'Heartbeat' is brand new release from his upcoming EP. He's been known under other monikers such as Slowolf, collaborating with Raekwon and Kimbra.

'Heartbeat' is consistently mellow throughout. A simple electronic drum beat opens the track, building as the song progresses but never changing. It's the perfect chilled out Sunday song with twinkly xylophone and Andrea's silky vocals.


Mahalia - Proud of Me (feat. Little Simz)

The 19 year old British songstress from Leicester embarks on her music career with 'Proud of Me', a track that really puts her out on her own.

'Proud of Me' draws a likeness with Kate Nash in some places with occassional speech-like vocal, but with an R&B twist that makes it original and unique. Mahalia possesses clear soul influences that produces open-hearted music.

The Wombats - Black Flamingo

From their brand new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, The Wombats release 'Black Flamingo' which feel like a classic Wombats track, divulging in the dance-oriented side of their indie repertoires, feeling slightly similar to 2011's 'Techno Fan'.

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