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10 underrated One Direction songs


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Despite being one of the most successful boybands in British music history, the One Direction lads don't get the best wrap outside their fanbase.

As is common with artists with a largely female, teenage following, listeners outside of that demographic often disregard the singles as commercialised, insincere rubbish with no substance and that isn't worth their time. Despite the X Factor reputation and Simon Cowell backing, the 1D boys have a discography that is so much more than 'Best Song Ever', 'Live While We're Young' and 'Kiss You'. 

So why not give it a chance? Here's some of their best album tracks that deserve more recognition. 


'If I Could Fly', Made in the A.M. (2015) 

This gentle, sincere number comes from a mature 20-something band, whose fifth studio album is a world away from their 'What Makes You Beautiful' days. It's a powerful piano driven ballad with incredibly raw vocals that is stripped back and honest, with vulnerable and deeply personal words, and is arguably the band's greatest track. 


'Stockholm Syndrome', Four (2014)

Before being vamped up with a much rockier tone in one of Harry's solo performances, 'Stockholm Syndrome' is a big jump from anything the boys have done before, with a synth-pop feel, tension-building bass line and hallowed backing vocals that create quite the eerie feel. Some have speculated the songs meaning to be rooted within the imprisonment of fame, which the song's lead writer Harry agrees with, but also revealed that the song came as a result with a relationship with a nymphomaniac. 


'Act My Age', FOUR (2014)

Each new album brought a new sound, and this one was one of the greatest experiments they made musically. This one is an incredibly fun, sweet and vibrant Irish-folk track, with 1D's very own Irishman leading the way. This was one of the band's best live tracks, with them always putting on a performance that even the reluctant boyfriend and Dads dragged along to their shows couldn't help but jig along to. 


'Fireproof', FOUR (2014)

'Fireproof' was the first teaser released of the band's most ambitious album yet, and the boys' classic rock influences shine through as they put a new spin on it. The Fleetwood Mac-esque tune is a perfect addition to a relaxing playlist, and one which we think any sceptic of the band needs to hear. 


'Little White Lies', Midnight Memories (2013)

It's a mystery why this infectious dance hit never made it to single status, being a fan favourite and an alternative update of club hit 'Stole My Heart' back in the Up All Night days. It's always one of the most energetic live performances, and is definitely one of the stand outs from their third album. 


'She's Not Afraid', Midnight Memories (2013)

Infectious is the only word that can be used to describe this one. The tantalising guitar licks that open such an energetic number are sure to reel you in, with a catchy chorus that you won't be able to get out of your head once you've heard it. Plus, you can't argue with the welcome addition of the lovely Niall's musical laugh in the background of the bridge. 



'No Control', FOUR (2014)

Despite never actually being released by the band, this one was such a hit with the fandom that members called up radio stations in their thousands and requested their way into the top spot in several countries around the world. Not only does it showcase Louis' voice, it's rather raunchy lyrics marked a new era for the boys.



'Over Again', Take Me Home (2012)

Even if you don't like One Direction, chances are that you like Ed Sheeran, and their collaboration made something very beautiful indeed. "Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo" is a particularly brilliant Sheeran influence, and the vocals that accompany the incredibly vulnerable lyrics make this quite the powerful ballad. 


'Night Changes', FOUR (2014)

This one feels like a special one, and is simply a calm and reflective song that you can listen to as you stare out of a rainy window and pretend you're in a music video. It has vibes of 'Story of My Life', with hallowed backing that gently compliment the vocals perfectly. The wintery music video also gives the audience a chance to imagine that they're on a date with each of the boys, which we're not complaining about really. 


'Infinity', Made in the A.M. (2015)

If you're missing someone, this one will hit you like a tonne of bricks. This song has power, and features a combination of strings and synthesisers, as well as exceptionally poetic words that will make you feel all the feels. It is sincere and vulnerable, and a definite highlight in the band's discography. 

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