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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 29/12/2017


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Almost a week until the New Year! With the New Year coming up, you may or may not have set some New Years Resolutions. Either way, start up the New Year right with good music to keep you up beat and productive.

Still the Same - Sugarland

Sugarland is an american country music band, who has recently reunited for their 'Still the Same' Single. Their last album, Incredible Machine, was a five-time CMA Award-winning album, and after a seven year hiatus the duo has come out with another single. The new release, ‘Still the Same’, is a lovely trip down memory lane for many. With the upbeat music, the perfect blend of country and rock, and strong vocals with electric guitars, this single is a perfect new release for you to get hooked on.


Fire - Barns Courtney

British indie-rock artist, Barns Courtney, has recently released his newest album, ‘Fire’, into the world. Barns won ‘Sync Artist Of The Year’ at Music Week’s Sync Awards with tracks such as ‘Glitter & Gold’, as well as ‘Fire’, plus ‘Glitter & Gold’ reached #1 in the UK Spotify. Barns recently performed on James Corden’s Late Late Show and Conan O’Brien, with terrific reviews at Reading Festival, SXSW and at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. 2018 is already looking to be another exciting year for Barns with new music due early next year. Fire is a unique mix of Folk and Western and will leave you wanting more.


Xenophøbia - NØMADS

Brooklyn punk duo, the NØMADS, have released their new December single from 'PHOBIAC'. Continuing their tradition of releasing one song per month based on rare or clinical phobias, this month being the fear of strange or foreign, a current unacceptable problem. The lyrical of the song is that of an older, tyrannical emperor, raging at the masses from behind a podium. This post-punk, fuzz, and melody are fitted into two parts and is sure to keep you entertained.


Love Left Lost - Josh McGovern

Josh McGovern is a singer/songwriter from Brighton, who just released his single called ‘Love Left Lost’. His lyrical performance is enchanting and emotionally provoking with deep tones with hushed guitar strums; having been compared to the works of Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen. The music video released along with it provides the perfect imagery for haunting and soul searching lyrics with sea edge cliffs.


The Spiritual Dark Age - To Kill A King

To Kill A King has released two albums ‘Cannibals With Cutlery’ in 2013 and a self-titled follow-up in 2015, then touring constantly since 2010. To Kill a King then took a much needed break in 2016, using the time to focus on other projects. Their newest release, ‘A spiritual Dark Age’, is described by one of the band members as “It has ballads for my single friends watching everyone else gradually pair off, and deities and fables getting drunk in bars. It has moments of anger and disgust at characters like Peter Popoff and their parasitic feeding of the most vulnerable people. But hopefully, in amongst the chaos and darker tales, it has an underlying message that compassion being such a beautiful and complex thing may just save the day."


Face The Brutality - DATAROCK

‘Face The Brutality’ is the first album to come from DATAROCK in almost nine year. This norwegian electronic band has came out with two very successful albums before this, and the first song on the album, 'Ruffle Shuffle', has already been released. You can find this band clad in their well known red track suits, signing playful lyrics that sometimes hint to famous references in The Goonies, or maybe the The Faces.  


Autonomy - Table Scraps

Table Scraps is a grunge punk band from Birmingham, UK, who always have a creative twist on their projects. Their latest album, Autonomy, had a single come out of it onto a music video that was initially DIY and focused on a horrible day at a fun fair. This DIY project resulted in a humorous but well done video.


Hot Scary Summer - Rosie Carney and Henry Jamison

Irish folk singer Rosie Carney and Vermont singer-songwriter Henry Jamison covered Villagers' "Hot Scary Summer". Their cover has a Dublin vibe that goes perfectly with their harmonious voices, and emotion bring lyrics. Rosie recently released her new single 'Winter', while Henry recently released his folk debut 'The Wilds’.


Exposure - Y.O.U.N.G

Y.O.U.N.G is a five person band that is filled with rappers and rockers from very diverse backgrounds such as hip hop MCs, punk bands, soul collectives and dance producers. Their new release, ‘Exposure’, also came with a music video. The release starts funky, with killer guitar riffs, then breaking into the sharp lyrics of the band’s MC, Ben James. The lyrics containing the calling out of people who have done wrong such as liars and cheats.

Sober - New Portals

The New Portals just released their new song and music video, which is filled with slow electronics and beautiful acoustics, while the video contains them dancing among a variety of wave of visuals. The single is taken from their recently released EP, Golden Hour. New Portals have been some of the most highly praised new artists coming from Ireland and they have lots of new and exciting stuff planned for the new year.



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