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Hear This: MGMT - When You Die


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If you weren’t already sent into full hype mode with the release of US duo MGMT’s first single in four years, ‘Little Dark Age’, then a taste of their latest tune will certainly send you into a frenzy of anticipation for their forthcoming album due out in 2018.

The deliciously melancholic synth-pop of ‘Little Dark Age’ gives way to the more guitar-driven plunge into darkness that is ‘When You Die’. Its existentialist themes are more railed against than brooded upon and are suffused with uncanny detours into the major key.

Coupled with the unsettling modulation is a fantastically put-together music video, which is an entirely appropriate psychedelic accompaniment to a track that seems inspired by a nightmarish acid trip. A word of warning though: digestive tracts and swollen faces are rendered in fulsome detail, so make sure you watch on an empty stomach.

It’s not just the visuals that leave you feeling queasy though. The song is structured upon unresolved cadences interspersed with creepy sampled laughter. Sonically reminiscent of The Cure, ambiguous lyrics sweep in and out backed by whip-like snares and percussion with twittering, quivering synth flourishes tickling the high frequency range. MGMT’s latest invites multiple listens.





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