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Hear This: Native Sun - I Don’t Mind


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This Brooklyn-born four-piece band is certainly a thrilling new discovery in the contemporary and relatively monotonous indie music scene.

Native Sun consists of Danny Gomez (vocals),  Jake Plufm (guitar), Alexis Castro (drums) and Mo Martinez (bass), who kick off their debut EP Songs Born From Love and Hate with the thrilling single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

The Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground inspired up-and-coming artists stand out with their vibrating resonance and versatile sound,  diversified by intriguing punk-rock hues.

This specific track is quite reminiscent of The Stooges’ early style and therefore is definitely worth your time. The sonorous guitars, growling vocals, and invigorating drums are a clear evidence of the fact that each member of Native Sun contributes to the pack with a uniquely radiant presence, encompassing a musically sound unity. The band’s work is simply remarkable, especially since Castro himself claims to be an autodidact in music prior to joining the group.

Interestingly enough, the track starts off with strongly before taking you on a sonically coherent journey, drenched in what the band themselves call a “celebration to nihilism, masochism, and lust”. The aerial and relevant bridge half-way through the track provides a gentle relief from an overpowering and pleasurable excess.

Native Sun’s idiosyncratic and authentic style is bound to give them the opportunity to become the pioneers of a new musical era in the future.

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