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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 27/11/2017

28th November 2017

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I write this as the news is dominated by the announcement that one of the world’s most famous ex-Squaddies is to marry his actress girlfriend. It’s a lovely distraction.

Wyvern LingoI can see the house across the street already has their Christmas tree up, in a truly special attempt to eek out as much festive cheer as possible. Maybe it’s to distract from the fact they all hate each other and the shinny baubles keep them mesmerised and sedate?

Distractions are good, and that’s what Fresher Sounds is all about – new aural distractions to keep your mind away from it all.

Let this little lot take your mind off things:

Wyvern Lingo - Snow II

Much like Love Actually, Coca Cola adverts and Mariah Carey, some of the festive things people get all excited about aren’t actually that Christmassy at all. It’s worth adding the new track from Wyvern Lingo as something that is worth getting excited about.

The Bray, Ireland based trio have forged a wonderfully wintry, haunting and mesmerising piece of downbeat electronic pop.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Nothing Really Blue

OK, this is not new. Not by a long shot! But take this moment to either discover or rediscover the epic wonderfulness of the music of Penguin Café Orchestra.

Erased Tapes are re-issuing the final album, Union Café, by the legendary orchestra on 1st December. The first taster of that is ‘Nothing Really Blue’ a serene, jazz number that is perfect to cut through all the noise of the day.

Jonathan Bree - Say You Love Me Too (feat. Clara Viñals)

A massive departure from his previous work in the Brunettes, the solo work of Jonathan Bree takes a much darker, cinematic route. The work for his third album Sleepwalking again is heavily orchestrated with real strings.

With echoes of the French Yé-yé style influenced by Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg ‘Say You Love Me Too’ takes a retro-futuristic view of pop, perfectly encompassing the sweet vocals of Clara Viñals.

Rosie Carney – Winter

Ethereal folk is perfect for this time of year as Autumn transforms into Winter, so Rosie Carney’s new tune named after the later season is perfectly timed.

There’s a yearning and melancholy in Carney’s voice that floats above the echoed guitar strums of the track. This is beautiful stuff.

Table Scraps – Sick of Me

Table Scraps are a rising name in the world of garage punk with their riotous, lo-fi classic garage style. 

‘Sick Of Me’ is a kinetic, full on rock dancefloor filler.

Grawl!x – Empathy

James Machin (aka Grawl!x) is about to release his third album in as many years, and has just released a debut short film to promote it. ‘Empathy’ is the first inkling of what we can expect, which seems to be a return to the dream-pop of the debut and forgoing the electronic experimentations of the second.

Regardless it’s another otherworldly slice of aural beauty.

Gulp - Morning Velvet Sky

Super Furry Animal’s Guto Pryce’s Cardiff-based three-piece Gulp go from strength leading up to their new album set for release next year. Each release condenses their psych, synth-pop sounds into a fuller whole.

‘Morning Velvet Sky’ is a warm, luscious psychedelic pop record built on electric and acoustic drums and synths with ethereal vocals it’s the kind of pop fans of Broadcast will go nuts for.

Bitch Falcon - Of Heart

This trio have been called ‘Dublin’s best live act’ and it is claimed that new single ‘Of Heart’ captures the full-force energy of their live shows. If that is the case we all need to go see them asap.

It’s a dark rock tune lifted by the sweet, soulful but powerful pop vocals of Lizzie Fitzpatrick. Plus, how awesome a name is ‘Bitch Falcon’ it sounds like a band of Brass Eye or something! Great. Rock. Music.

Peggy Sue - Slow Fade

Indie-pop duo Peggy Sue have returned after a three-year break (in which they performed as part of Deep Throat Choir) with the brilliant ‘Slow Fade’.

It’s packed with the same twee melancholy as the most summery of The Breeders tunes and is a wonderfully dreamy, melodic break-up song.

Le Feline - Le Royaume Feat. Laetitia Sadier

Agnes Gayraud aka La Féline is intent on re-establishing French as the language of seductive pop, and with tracks like ‘Le Royaume’ she might just succeed.

With another French legend, Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier, in tow this is a slice of retro-futurist pop bathing in the sound of classic French pop and with a dark dream-pop undertow.

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