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Fresher Sounds – This week's best new music - 09/10/17


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The month of Halloween is upon us. Even though it's only celebrated on one day, which is three weeks away, people seem to be getting in the spooky spirit rather early. 

Especially the *cough* Tories... they put their clown costumes on for their conference this week, didn't they?

Anyway, let's embrace the funkiest and most rowdy tracks that have graced the music scene in this last week. From the weird to the wonderful, this collection of tracks will make you want to dance like Beyonce then suddenly open up a pit on your bedroom floor.

Inheaven - Stupid Things

Taken from their self-titled album released last month, 'Stupid Things' is a dreamy romantic soundtrack to Inheaven's own coming-of-age movie - also reflected in its accompanying video, a mash-up of old movies clips focusing on high school sweethearts and heartbreak. The soothing repetition of "Oh honey" complements the arrangement of the consistent drumming and twinkly dreamy tambourine injection. It both lifts you up and makes you reflect on those stupid things you once said.

King Krule - Half Man Half Shark

The third single to drop from Krule's upcoming album The Ooz feels different to the taste we've had of its sound so far. Each tracks released has a different emotion to it - we've heard moody, (somewhat) uplifting, and now a fearsome number. A dark and aggressive drum introduction builds and builds some kind of horror within; it's attractive in a sinister kind of way reflecting the very title itself.

Bloody Knees - Maybe It's Easy

The video for 'Maybe It's Easy' shows the Bloody Knees boys getting in the ring and unleashing a belligerent side, giving us more hope and expectations from the upcoming EP on 13th October. The single has rip-roaring riffs, 90's garage grunge-like vocals and pretty slick harmonies, giving us a taste of everything this band can offer.

Estrons - Glasgow Kisses

Estrons released the music video for 'Glasgow Kisses' last week, filmed in an old fashioned way, with lead singer Taliesyn Kallstrom wandering around a fair looking distressed, adding a fitting visual to the urgency of the scream-like vocals and yelps of frustration. It's another feisty track that literally forces the feeling onto you making you want to thrash - remember when we said you'd want to open up a pit on your bedroom floor?

Yonaka - Bubblegum

Showcased for the first time on BBC Radio 1 by Huw Stephens, Yonaka have blown up with 'Bubblegum'. The distinctive vocals and contagious bassline going on and on in the background, along with complementary backing vocals, this track feels everything and more - the perfect fiery, punchy single for the band.

Weaves - Slicked

A bluesy vocal injected into a driving beat. This track has so many musical repertoires; there's an evident blues influence, an electro experiment and it plays with technology, jazz elements and there's even a rowdy classic rock anthem feel to it. This track should please everyone, it's quite literally got the whole package.

Wild Ones - Invite Me In

Toning it down a bit in this week's Fresher Sounds is Wild Ones. Opening with some soothing calm female vocals and synths, this track is the perfect wind-down. With an R&B influence in the music composition and Sullivan's lo-fi indie vocals, 'Invite Me In' fits the new wave of popular music.

Melt Dunes - Grotesque

Melt Dunes unleash their second single 'Grotesque'. The whole track suits that title faultlessly: dreary organs and slurred deep vocals over a pulsating slow bassline and drumming, you feel like you're walking "alone" in the middle of the night. Despite not taking the Halloween approach this week... this would be one to add to your party playlist.

Fangclub - Animal Skin

Dublin trio Fangclub release their latest single and video for 'Animal Skin', a compilation of live shows. This track is the epitome of rock anthem. Loud whispers of the vocals and dramatic pauses and fiery starts to the guitar throughout give that sense of a tamed version of a heavy-rock band.


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