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Fresher Sounds - 20/02/2017


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Only here in the UK can we experience heavy snow one day, and the beginnings of spring the next.

Despite the weather being relatively up and down, last week was pretty exciting; January exams are long gone, the Love Actually cast are reuniting for a 10 year anniversary special, and Ant & Dec are back to grace our screens on Saturday Nights.

What more could we want?

Whether any of the above information gets you excited, or if you couldn't care less there's more new music to help soundtrack your excitement or distract you from life.

Check out our picks of the last week...

High Tides - Bridges

Nottingham-based quintet High Tides are flying the flag for pop-punk with new single 'Bridges', taken from the EP I'm Not Giving Up, I'm Just Starting Over set to be released 17th March. The song takes on the tough topic of relationships, combining gritty vocals with paced, aggressive drums and guitar to get their message heard. This one's for fans of The Story So Far and The Wonder Years.

LORIS - Dirty Bass

"Just play that dirty bass..." If you ever needed a song to get you pumped up, LORIS have given you your first port of call. The Northern Ireland three-piece have just raised the electro-pop bar with 'Dirty Bass'. The steady but powerful opening beat soon erupts into a catchy, danceable bass drop, highlighting just why they have received so much attention from BBC Radio One recently.

Nathan Ball - Cold Hands

Join us on an emotionally-driven musical journey with Nathan Ball's latest indie offering 'Cold Hands'. The London-based talent revealed he was heavily influenced by winter during the songwriting process, which can be heard in the intense, melancholic undertones in the lyrics.

Blondie - Fun

The queen diva of punk rock is back! Debbie Harry breaks barriers of ageism and sexism with exactly the same levels of sass as she had in the 70s, reminding us why we all loved her in the first place. The band's new single 'Fun' is exactly what it says on the tin, as well as being cool, care free and damn right brazen. The pioneering duo of Harry and Chris Stein being reunited makes for an exciting year for Blondie and their fans alike.

Joplyn - Against the Streams

Berliner Joplyn sings of her experiences of living in the German capital, giving us a modern depiction of urban city life, through haunting vocals combined with stirring electro beats and heavy industrial tones. 'Against the Streams' sends the message of having the courage to follow your dreams despite the daunting task that is life in a concrete jungle. The dark, pulsating bass and unconventional synth only adds to the mystery. This is an edgy track which will leave you hungry for more of Joplyn's work.

Callum Stewart - The Dam

Yet another talent fresh out of Northern Ireland, Callum Stewart tells a story of hope and strength amongst chaos with new alt-pop track 'The Dam'. The nineteen-year-old has racked up over half a million plays on Spotify and has been tipped as the next big thing by industry critics - something not so hard to believe as the young singer continues to release heart felt, graceful song that bursts with maturity.

Nelson Can - Miracle

'Miracle' is all about the overwhelming emotions experienced when a new romance enters your life. Trio Nelson Can release this catchy, up beat electro-pop, with an indie edge, song on the back of their recent signing to Alcopop! Records. The future looks bright for the energetic Danish outfit. The lack of guitars and simplistic drum and bass sounds resemble the work of The White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. 

OUTYLA - The Light

Heavy guitar riffs meet chiming keys and soaring vocals in OUTYLA's debut release 'The Light'. The confident trio have put their creative juices to the test, bringing out their distinctive, vibrant sound which aims to bring listeners out of reality into their own imaginary haven.

Gallops - Pale Force

Wrexham based Gallops return after a three year absence with a more revitalised sound, creating an album that pushes their own boundaries of electronica and post-rock. The band are not shy of doing things on their own terms, confidently revealing their desire to be different. They innovatively combine dark, thrashing guitar riffs with humming electro ambience with sci-fi inspired electro hooks on their comeback song 'Pale Force'.

Michael Baker - Revolving Doors

Baker expertly captures the true emotions of love and pain using the metaphor of life being a revolving door. The indie-folk singer/songwriter wears his heart on his sleeve through his soothing vocals and moving music. 'Revolving Doors' is a relatable, captivating and honestly beautiful piece of art. Hailing from the South of England, the talented musician has travelled the world busking for a living, and after years of hard graft has released his debut studio album Dust & Bone which thankfully features his track on it.


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