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Fresher Sounds - 13/02/2017


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This past week has been an up and down week.

The Brexit Bill sailed through to the House of Lords, there was a resignation from the Shadow Cabinet, the Queen celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee - she's been on the throne for 65 years and we found out Donald Trump did in fact wear a bathrobe at some point in his life.

Of course none of this has anything to do with music, but what can you do?

It's also Valentine's tomorrow. If cheesy old love songs aren't quite your thing this week, this lot of new tunes will get you through.  

Sublime with Rome - Wherever You Go

Sublime With Rome are an alt-dub trio from California. Their blend of reggae, alternative rock, hip hop and dub is masterful, hypnotic and catchy, with relatable lyrics. Wherever You Go' is a frank depiction of the battle between passion and love, something the world isn't seeing a lot of at the moment. 

Banfi - Rosedale House

Male trio Banfi are back with second single 'Rosedale House'. "I swear if we could just go back..." is a poignant lyric repeated throught the track - Banfi we agree! The melody fills the void in your heart - a reminder of the past that is not so bitter, rather its sweet. This juicy track is finger-tappingly catchy! 

Kristeen Young - Nice

Kristeen Young is no stranger to the big guys of the post-punk world - collabarating with the likes of Dave Grohl, the late David Bowie and Morrissey. Her new single 'NICE' is a positive perferation of the ear drums - it's a hallucination of sharp, rough and ready rock against Young's distinct voice, perfect for expressing the lows of this weeks events. Young – a New York City-based artist, has recently toured as Morrissey's main support.

Skinny Living - Only I, feat. Barney Artist

Quartet Skinny Living have teamed up with UK Rap star, Barney Artist for their latest single 'Only I'. The mix of Skinny Living's acoustic soul sound and Barney Artist's fluid hip hop makes this track dynamic and powerful. Add in the lyrics which reflect on a real life situation - it's hard not to sit up and listen. Skinny Living - Only I feat. Barney Artist is taken from Skinny Living's Debut EP titled III (3) which is out now.

Rousseau - Desert Road

New Zealand songstress Rousseau continues her journey with new single, 'Desert Road'. A pounding electro-pop beat balanced with the ethereal lull of her voice makes this track out of this world.  The lyrics particularly resonate "everything is changing.." for us and for Rousseau, who has seen a whole host of success. The track, marks her latest release building up anticipation for her debut EP "hello, i know you're busy", which comes out in April 2017. 

Evawolf - Yellow Ribbon

East London alt-rock band Evawolf have released their new single 'Yellow Ribbon', the title track for their upcoming debut EP, which comes out on 3rd March. The track's melody gives pace and solidifies the band's iconic sound - thumping drums with lyrics and vocals that make memories to last. Their sound is unforgetable. 

KOYO - Tetrachromat

Leeds band KOYO have dropped their techo-electronic fused track 'Tetrachromat'. The beat is psychedelic, hynotising, piercing, almost melting away reality with its futuristic feel, but the lyrics bring a contrasting realism - "ready for the day..." is repeated continously and after listening, I feel ready for the day. 

People Flavor - Shake Well

'Shake Well' is the new single from the Californian four piece People Flavor. The track certainly has an 80s feel, with a cool rock vibe. The beat is infectious, and the lyrics more so. The track is magically manipulating, lifting you out of the blues and well, into jazz hands. 


SAINT WKND has presented 'Golden', his debut single, featuring Australian indie group Hoodlem. The track's trip hop and indie blend creates a genius combination. This, intertwined with the youthful lyrics makes this track audibly stunning. The track comes from SAINT WKND's debut EP Golden Youth which is out later this year. 

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