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Hear This: Puzzle - Little Black Book


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If you’ve ever wanted to hear what art, culture and dark human emotion mixed with electro-pop sounds like – we’ve got it here.

Meet Puzzle, an electro-pop artist who channels our inner self, exploring deep emotions with an eclectic style. Puzzle has dropped a few singles, but ‘Little Black Book’ is sure to make its big break.

You’ll be able to connect yourself with your solemn side, intertwined with a little catchy chorus when you hear this track.

The beginning of the track is overwhelming, with a slow-sounding guitar mixed with an underground beat and almost-heavy bass. Representing the theme of fantasy, the lyrics at the very beginning: “No surprise when you call at midnight, to tell me what you need. Can’t pretend that I stopped to think twice, once again, I give in,” bare resemblence to The Weeknd. 

Dipping into the chorus, and immediately you’re picked up onto a more upbeat sound, combined with an alluring visual. The melody and octave is slightly higher, expressing deep emotion of devotion and unrequited, meaningful love.

“I’ll be your little black book, trying to win you over”, as the pace picks up, his clear and soft voice with the allure of the fantasy mixed with reality, could fit alongside Years and Years. 

Towards the end, we hear Puzzle harmonise with his own chorus sends out an intimate and hopeful message of being committed. Mixed with the dark atmosphere of electro-pop, it represents the theme of the song: intimacy. “Just a little number in the little black book”. A place where important information and people’s names are often kept.

For a message that seems quite dark, Puzzle has managed to pick everything our ears love to match this dignified message.


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