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Fresher Sounds (23/01/17)


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It feels as though January is never going to end.

If you’re fed up of Trump and his general being, the endless January sale rails and having to turn down ‘Spoons for the sake of revision, then this may be the playlist you’ve been looking for to help lift the gloom. 

Gorillaz – Hallelujah Money

How can a band made of virtual characters demonstrate the importance of unity among humans better than humans themselves? Making their great return by combining gospel and futuristic sounds with a politically-charged track. With vocals from Mercury Prize winning soul angel, Benjamin Clementine, ‘Hallelujah Money’ is touching in its emotive and graceful delivery. Truthful and timely, it speaks more sense than any politics have in their six year absence. 

MALKA – Breakout

Released on her own label, Tantrum Records, ‘Breakout’ flashes with vibrancy as a gem of alt-pop. A tropical take on social commentary, harmonies come as second nature to the Scottish songstress. With an elegance in the vocal, the playful undertones really uplift. 


Reminding us once more why they’ve been hotly tipped for this year, The Shimmer Band’s latest track blisters from the exciting first play. As a slice of proper rock n roll, vocals swagger in their lashing delivery and they’re in good company; from the massive synth hook and smashing drums, to the sweltering bassline to the hip hop attitude and the punk angst. 

 The Pale White – Reaction

The Newcastle newcomers scruff up the blues and line them with the traditional sensibilities of rock. ‘Reaction’ is a song of equal measures. Melodic and enticing, there’s a dark temptation beneath the flirtatious lyrics of seeking satisfaction. Yet the track teeters on danger; as the boys find their bite, their guitars begin to growl. 

GULP - Search For Your Love

Fuzzy and warm, GULP's latest single is weirdly inviting. Hit by sunrays, 'Search For Your Love' has elements that sound familiar; fleeting tunes and rhythm patterns, and others that feel sonic and otherworldly. The overall effect is hypnotic, draped in a psychedelic layer.

Tegan and Sara – U Turn

Reaffirming their delicious pop sound, the twins are irresistibly upbeat. Stripped from their 80s inspired album Love You To Death, the latest single carries a fun line of funk with glittered synth and sugared vocals. Oh, and a hook so sweet a dentist will have to remove it from the subconscious. 

Husky Loops – Fighting Myself

Sludgy indie from a stylish trio. Following no rules, the latest from their forthcoming self-titled EP features angular and sharp riffs that slice through skittering beats. An aggressively rich voice demands your attention, of lyrics tangible with realism. Unstructured and turbulent, ‘Fighting Myself’ is a real ride, and an unforgettable force. 

NoMBe – Wait

Whoever said romanticism couldn’t be slick and cool, clearly haven’t heard the sounds of NoMBe. With an electric soul and a lathering voice, Noah McBeth gives honest accounts of potential loves in luscious RnB fashion. Skittering beats cradle classic jazz instrumentation with care. 

Alpines – Heaven

Crafting their atmospheric soundscapes, the London duo give each of their tracks a life of its very own. Latest, ‘Heaven’, defies even expectations. Towering vocal harmonies soar above a grooving bass, warping RnB to their own ethereal standard that stirs emotion. Feel the true power at a live show in February. 

Samantha Crain – Oh Dear Louis

Written during a winter in Oklahoma working at a pizza place to fund the musical dream, Samantha Crain’s forthcoming record You Had Me At Goodbye, is a relief provider if the first track is anything to go by. ‘Oh Dear Louis’ is energetic and catchy, fun in its delivery and the perfect dose of sentimental ballad and freeing experimentation – the kind of song you’d love to soundtrack the pining montage part of the rom-com movie of your life. It’s the piece of bubble-gum that will never lose its flavour.

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